the poetry that matters

William Wright Harris

William Wright Harris was born in Memphis. His work has appeared in eleven countries in such publications as The Cannon’s Mouth, Ascent Aspirations, generations, and Write On!!! He is currently studying English Literature and Film at the University of Tennessee-Knoxville.



Photograph by Joy Vanlandingham

man with knife




pointed down

ward at an

other the blade

jutting from the

bottom of his

closed fist- the

other almost

bent in

supplication to

a god that

never heard


crying in

to the new

york night





number 9 a- 1948- oil on canvas- 16x59 inches- whitespace staring up from the canvas as much a member of the palette as the blue red & yellow paint sitting in the middle of the runes glyphs & sigils inscribed in black paint somehow dancing in a jungian ballet- jackson pollock screaming no chaos dammit


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                                                                                                            June 14, 2012