the poetry that matters

William Emery

William Emery is the author of Kodoku, a children's book about the first man to sail alone across the Pacific Ocean, the nonfiction travelogue Edges of Bounty: Adventures in the Edible Valley, and the "sustainability punk" webcomic Engine. His work has appeared in Mastodon DentistThe Leveler, The Collagist, and To the Stars Through Difficulties: A Kansas Renga in 150 Voices. He is a founding member of Ad Astra Books and Coffee, a worker-owned cooperative bookstore in Salina, Kansas and former acquisitions editor at Heyday Books. 


The Arena (syllabic fragment)


Arena at the end


                        the outmatched matador

            lines of glancing

Mud-hooved with trespassed wheat field silt



I am the outmatched


A child the dairy bull’s ’brinth

            a child taunting fodder


Radiant instead with

The purposed atoms of the gift


                        hills of flint

Send future minds unquiet lines


            “Attend. We will be remembered

            By those who live in future times”


Arena at the end of night



Stagger ------------ tilt horizon  

The night-whelming dawn endures

The whirling absence of such words



                                                                                                           January 14, 2014