the poetry that matters

Wes Solether

Wes Solether lives and works in San Francisco, CA where he is finishing his MFA at the University of San Francisco. His poems have recently been accepted in Counterexample Poetics, Timber magazine, and Vector Press.




    masked, I


                        think I can leave before the midnight[1]star.


crosses paths

       I marked


 [1] Hidden through

a change in silhouette

when viewed from below

matching light from above

to appear invisible to harm—sublimal chemistry







Page 124: Before         rock started to melt

an overexposed candle sink below my hand


            shape a door

                        opening to provide light triangles


face scars






all houses settle some ghosts


When home approaches


                                                relief, emerge from their




                        in a formation containing some




                        a lie






    unmasked, I


                           disclose the reality of souls.

As long as who we are most our life

wearing a mask... carefully... we might

be unknown start to finish.”


                            look absolutely false.”






Goldshine in sunlight


                those yellow threads


                        a fourth compound to color

                        suggests a dual purpose:

                        to ensnare for days

                        open to the unlit


                        whereas, in shade,

                        colors to act

                        as camouflage

                        against sunshine




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                                                                                                    May 8, 2013