the poetry that matters

Veronica Gaylie

Veronica Gaylie is a poet from Vancouver. Her work has appeared in Geist, Grain, Room, Poetry Review and elsewhere. Veronica is also a professor in Education at The University of British Columbia Okanagan, and the founder of “The Learning Garden” on campus. Veronica worked with the bus company in Kelowna to display ‘poems about work’ on public transit. Veronica’s research on poetry in inner city schools has won two Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council Canada (SSHRC) grants. She has been writing poetry about nature since Grade Two. bp nichol was her first writing teacher.

Flower Suite

‘flower poem’





     flow              er

                                 flo                  wer

   fl            o         wer  

   flo           w        er

         flo      w        er

             flo  w      erf

                 low   er


                                                    er flo

                                                 wer fl


                                                f          r

                                    f         l         e

                                          l    o   w












(o)range popsicle






O, an o-

range rolling down

aisles of popsicle-filled

refrigerators of fructose, sucrose,

Yellow #6 (O-range). Orange popsicle,

O orange popsicle, O orange popsicle.

O orange popsicle, O orange: a colour,

a fruit a whole summer on the tip of

your tongue, where it comes from,

lips that suck that lick til it melts

and you forget the slivers

in the stick.








‘on the pond’





on                                                                                   the pond

      on                                                                   the pond                                               
on the pond on the pond on the pond on the pond

              on the pond on the pond on the pond on

                   the pond on the pond on the pond

                         on the pond on the pond









‘poem for bp’







                   blue    eyes





                      in   side


               your              head










‘back to the garden’







                            they              from            


in the garden                                           string.







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