the poetry that matters

Val B Russell

Val B Russell is a poet and novelist living on the rocky shores of Newfoundland. Her work has appeared on voxpoetica and recently in the print anthology VWA, Poems for Haiti and is forthcoming in Referential magazine.
She is the author of the middle reader fantasy novel, The Adventures of Granny Destross and CeeCee, and is now working on the second volume in this series, while also compiling a themed book of poems detailing her experiences while living in a homeless shelter tentatively titled Y.
She also maintains a poetry blog updated daily,
valbrussell.wordpress.com with an emphasis on feminism and equality. Her blog is listed on feministblogs.org and she regularly posts videos on her YouTube channel ValBRussell1 promoting the work of other struggling writers and poets, through the reading and introduction of their work.



The blue car sits in front of the red car
And the white car idles on the left of the green car
Both trucks
Poison the motorcyclist behind
In grey lung smothering vapour
The taxi has a chequered past
From the inside out
Convulsing into an engine cutting announcement
To the entire gallery of drivers
Who are viewing the recent creative attempt
By a nervous novice
His body extracted from his crushed beer can of a car


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