the poetry that matters

Tim Mook Sang

Tim Mook Sang was born in Ottawa, studied in Prince George and currently lives in Montreal. His writings have been published in The Literary Review of Canada, Bywords Quarterly Journal, All Rights Reserved, Canadian Literature, In/Words Magazine, Jones Av and New Fairy Tales.


 The Tangled Garden 1


up-rooted roots hot mush vegetation & dirt peat soft with footprints from children playing in the day & sunflowers not like van Gogh’s domesticated now weep with violets & tulips at sun gnarled roots covered by canopy of ancient trees the only light is where stargazers petal children solving mysteries under branches walking & upsetting the dirt the uneven ground


After supper

Dipping sun

Pit fire

Hand-me-down story

Parents extinguish

Smoke blankets




1 “The Tangled Garden” was painted by JEH MacDonald in 1916.


to be called

somebody else’s name

w/o speech, but not


comes from wanting

we could pray

for them, but

they know

belief is


the non-

sexual, the abject



a popsicle stick



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                                                                                                        March 1, 2013