the poetry that matters

Tiffany Morris

Tiffany Morris is a writer from Nova Scotia. Currently pursuing her BA in English, her research interests include postcolonial literary criticism, early Canadian poetry and the Victorian spiritual crisis. She has been previously published with 4 and 20 poetry, Blue Skies Poetry and Red Claw Press.


a ritual of tongue and teeth
blooming in schemes of skin on skin,
galactic static, nebulous clouds
and voltage in dew, quietly exiting
the pulp of secrets.

feathered roses
and orchid petals
floating in floods
as whispered prayers;
love's riotous incantations.

spectral light flowering in tides,
the topography of sheets and
the gasping face of the moon

a faint electric blush
humming nectar pools
pregnant with the weight of stars,
sighing from the vibrations
of passion's most urgent ceremony.


ode to no one

a night transpired-
melted in museum wax.
intaking morse code breath
against your back
your silence, apollonian
in scale.
awaiting descent
and the lamenting
stained on your chest 

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