the poetry that matters

Taryn Hubbard

Taryn Hubbard lives in Surrey, B.C. Her work has been published in places like CV2, subTerrain, OCW Magazine, Trickhouse and is forthcoming in Pacific Poetry Anthology and Harlequin Creature.


Bi Means Too

Experience machine find
simple system exquisite,
show fixed penalty my exactness.

Here, I lost my
zealous acquaintance
between the bell and the right
margin stop. Help me the remedy.

I gap between successor,
equip the placement of claim
towards sales organization,
select card quick without stroking
but results copy and paste for me.

Elite type in work we
work as well
to avoid ragged margin.

Taken by bridged language a
association with forwardness
emerged during conditioning practice.

Placed towards my centering point
I have followed the rules of
dividing, a practice usually not arranged,
but still lost in the space between
the man and I, machine.



Dictation: Career Expectation

or or for for or for for he he the the he the he the an an and and and it it fit fit it fit it fit I can. I can go. I can go to work. I can go now. I can go. I can.

he he an an he an if if he an do go to if he or to go an he he the the of for for the for an and an and and for the for for did but did but man man pay for pay sir own man for may I can. I can go. I can go there. I can go there for them. I can work. I can work well. I can work well with them.

or for or for for he the the an and an and he the and for he us if he us of it me so me to he an go an he an do by do by me.


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                                                                                                             September 19, 2012