the poetry that matters

Sumeet Khanna

Sumeet Khanna, originally from Oakville, Ontario, is currently studying in the Bachelor of Health Sciences program at McMaster University. His poetry has been published in the Silhouette (McMaster student-run newspaper). He is also the author of “Journey Through Revenge” (TRIMATRIX-TRI Publishing).

what the sun really wants

poets will pen

                        the Sun creeps vertical
                        through clouds, powder-

                        white, baby-talc. or, how it
                        bastes! married to the
                        waxing moon.             but. really,

the scene reads

                        the Sun subsumes,
                        blazes and balks for
                        attention. it creates us
                        to kill each other, eat leftovers,

                        destroy the rest.          the Sun
                        doesn’t want Word embroiled, or homosapiens,
                        or space, or…what does the Sun want?

wild suburban desert

wild suburban desert:

i cycle ‘round and hear it all.
hear; strip-malls tinkering minds
up an escalator,
down walls painting each other
with hues - of unrest.
hear; schools on a microphone
daring to tread the line.
hear; the rings of a cassette
neon.   cool!    radical!
an epic of alloy wrought
from sand; to you suburb, give us

there isn’t anything but

there isn't anything but
blue screens mark
the day punch-hole card

in my gut, says yesterday, again, we'll stare
and never return
from these bookish nightmares,

retribution i say
and, then tomorrow
it turns grey

someday (i'll love you)
someday (i'll love you) the stars
will tell us we shimmer from up there.

                        s on the balcony dare not matter (my love)
when shot pursuers gaze - noxious temper
             (un)     couth awaits.

fierce warping power - yes - fierce

            bosom; from here we look

Bestial Firm.

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                                                                                                        February 19, 2012