the poetry that matters

Stephen Emmerson

Stephen Emmerson lives in the North of England and his work has appeared in Jacket, Great Works, Cake, Poetry Salzburg Review, nthposition, FREAKLUNG, SPINE, and The Red Ceilings.

He is the author of  'X' The Arthur Shilling Press 2009, Chimera, Erbacce 2010, Attack of the gas powered Angels, KF&S 2010 and 'Poems found at the scene of a murder' ZimZalla  2010

son of bloom. community fodder dangle prose, all pupped up
and dopamine. Ally of the Zee, Switch-blade Baracas & Co. Metal  Witch
iron pump techno-FADE to delete walk frottage, cloister map to the Morning
Transmission, the emission of glucocorticoid implosion. Ridiculous aerials
will not eat your sandwiches Charlotte, they will have nothing less than the
No. 12 from Leungs, the number is 0my gog! > google it would you? Please?
Snot rabbit attempt number cant rem it,  scoop nervate buttons bronze loops. 
Chemical agents destitute
frothing Babylon/ a pistol whip
décolletage ending/ the forthwith
red coat Butlins implosion/
denigrate happenstance 
Coronation Street Style on
distanced paracetamol cliffs/
Oi where that reclining happy
ego goes I goes/ Right?/
nonplussed jerk throb malicious
backchat/ Malware Programme
detected/ the effects of Warfarin
may be increased/ biological
spybot downloaded/ UNKNOWN
HOST/ metal hair/ meta-analytical
aversion to sex pest therapist/
counting ruptures/ neat quid for the 
oose-bone/ jumped up equivalence
buster steam-punked in the wind
gears/ dat purple fog / whimsical
naughtospheres culture smog/
hail pheromones two-step quasilinear
hospital quark/ if you feel drowsy
THINK colloidal silica, povidone,
maize starch/ etc everything/
if the answer to any of these
questions is yes
barefaced intoxicant
rush> scramble this signal > only transmit on secure frequencies > encrypt dialogue>


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