the poetry that matters

Sonja Greckol

Sonja Greckol’s first book, Gravity Matters, was published by Inanna Press in April, 2009. Her work has appeared in Literary Review of Canada, Canadian Literature, Dalhousie Review, CV2, Canadian Women’s Studies, Fiddlehead and Matrix. She also is a founding member of the Influencysalon.ca Editorial Group and edits poetry for Women and Environments International. Having taught college and university, studied order and disorder in jokes, done human rights and gender-based research and organizational consulting, she now does local activism with the Toronto Women's City Alliance (TWCA).


                                                Pigeon Geometry


What if pigeons sheer the topology stuck—the angle of flight bisects
equal sides and inscribes fears—parent and child concur

And the fear is inscribed, stuck on the equal sides of the topology of
parent and child and bisects the angle of pigeon flight

But parent and child in equal fright inscribe sheer fear’s topology on
struck pigeon sides not the bisected angel

Only sheer fear frights the angel who dissects the topography if
parent and child are struck in the sequel with pigeon glides

Not chill sheets inscribed with dissent that pare the glides but
legions of angels in sequence patent the topography

If the typography tricks legions that gangle near tide’s eloquence, not in
descent, but prescribed by sleep’s latent chimes





                                OCTOTHORPE  ‡‡

only the invisible matters     posture belies sign
oct and there are 9 squares and some extend forever

thermometer lines temperature
black unlines ice

across that stretch of highway  Jack lost his head;
here this spot, just below the crest

if the points are connected they make an octagon…ok
from the not there to there |8 points—4 lines |

trusting the obvious eludes the trusting

I only thought of the other future, the one we
could have made present now but for
the thoughts of later

the wine breathes, lees settle, highways thaw,
texts message – 9 X 3 – character enough for words

it is said it is named by a phone repair technician
                                                rememory those


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                                                                                                              July 12, 2012