the poetry that matters

Shazia Hafiz Ramji

Shazia Hafiz Ramji lives in Vancouver, BC. Her work has recently appeared in subTerrain, Dear Sir, Sad Mag, Zouch and Press Board Press. She recently graduated from SFU with a major in English, minors in Publishing and History, and a Certificate in Creative Writing.



after Robert Creeley


I am in love with him

with whom I am in

love, you. Off with me

tonight? You love

me. Are we together

on today? For tomorrow

the weekend or as when

will I see you. Again

I come. To you? Before

since more than

what. Is this about

in spite of being

in the middle I come

beyond; you between

not versus or until

not near or next to—

but around love from

once upon; among within.



Waltz for Concurrent Disorder





Vacuous                     astringent                               seeping cold

cold colours,                          flood premises:                    buoyant

veil a lifting                warmth                       in the growing

warmth of veiling,                 aqueous glimmer                  swallowing

the whole                   cavernous tongue                 thirsting





for the daily                           hypnagogic plunge                            reasoning

to wake,                      for the waking,                                  stolid and strong

for the day                 choosing axioms                               to protect from

choosing                                 liquid algorithms                       possibilities





time;                                        ontic tonic                                          clarity after

the exteriorized                                 arc:                              a puke; a person; an other

reflex                                                  snatching first                       inhalations

of the exterior­-                                                                                                   your/self:

germinal,                                            sweeping                                armature.









some time thinks

the statistical/better trickle

of words it is/ripples another

push comes/first not

in waves/can’t feel force






the diagnosis process

being/of being entropy

or capitalism the perfection


specialties: vague nouveaus etc.




what now/despair

the difference being

nothing/the thought

that pronouns are a/lone pill

packaged potencies

of a vagrant stream/blood necessities

for a struggle/gifts

itself/as a prole

life/in an image.



November 21s t: Effexor, 325 mg. Probability of precipitation: 30%.





What Love Is Not:


1)        an attitude not hungry

for days. contiguities


2)        naked and stretched on

            supine invitations; porous


3)        the way dying is a lateral

            accusation; too, you


4)        satiate and smiling

            (after that is over)


5)        an accretion of vicinities

            what love is not?



                                                                                                    January 5, 2014