the poetry that matters

Shane Jezowski

Shane Jezowski is a sculptor, designer, and poet who is producing his work in the Philadelphia area. Shane's poetry has been published in itch magazine, and is an internationally shown sculptor.


Magnified And Reproduced Through Mirrors. 

The myth of absolute power is gazing 
upon the surveillance of every detail 
and every moment. 

Life manifested the rigid hierarchy of rank; 
power flowed or worked your life, in a sense. 
It became a performance for demonstrating 
the authority of beauty and wit. 

Your extravagant spectacles, 
like the Hall of Mirrors; magnified, and reproduced 
while creating infinite magnificence.

Described As The “Global Village” 

The media is an abstract space 
that unites the world as the planet watched snow. 

...actually sand used like snow. 

Reproduced to be more uniform, but 
the sand united the world simultaneously. 

Our notion of the unique perhaps 
is perfected when a cult of originality took hold; 
replicated and made many versions; 
all of them the same. 

Fields of sensation unique to emphasize 
the fact that modern culture is not meant to destroy. 
Rather it is meant to augment our own 
cultures and civilizations; fragments and structures. 

The difference and distance between representation 
was not among a number of similar artifacts. 
Artifacts with complex chambers. 

So called judgments limited by standards. 
synonymous for the concept we know as an idea.

The Pursuits of Poetry And Coin Collecting
Are Equally Valid Activities

Taken hold of until the development of 
concepts and systems are consolidated. 
The relationship depends upon semi-factual knowledge 
where thought is the discourse of eloquence. 

Poetry, optics and mechanics 
were thought to be reduced to one principle; 
separated from mechanical systems, and 
given widespread currency throughout the famous subsequent system, 
and implicitly accepted.

Remember Today As Important Or Significant

Supersede the prestige. 
Follow suit by presenting disdain. 

In truth I tell you that libraries effort crucified dreams 
and aborted the prolonged drunk, 
and their ambitious desire. 

We are young and strong 
What must be kept in mind 
is that systems release 
meaning and value.

A Pure White Wall

Relatively new and institutionalized. 
Devoted to the display of aesthetics. 
The facade for corporate sponsored gift-shops. 

...read the other books related to more prevalent, 
but now publicly displayed aspects of predominance and variety. 

Compare time and socializing.

We Sent Their Pictures To Space 

Geniuses can be seen dismantling the myth of genius 
by making their mass-produced objects. 

...together with two words we can make a sentence. 

Gestures depended upon language; 
profound that we know and represent something cultural, 
yet it does not exist as an ideal, 
but instead it shaped history. 

Indebted to discovery, 
context and use once determined meaning. 

They Wrote Manifestoes

At the beginning they found fighting amid society. 
They began to question the criteria of culture. 

Modern society was to integrate into everyday life. 
They formed groups that often referred to themselves 
as internationals. 

These groups interwoven and ever-changing; 
working within different countries 
and within different agendas 
and diverse political associations. 

...in many cases everyday life. 

The world glorified industry, the military, and machines. 
The non politically fascists were particularly concerned. 

The popular press; 
a vehicle for ideas. 

A manifesto suggesting cultural revolutions 
for all spheres of cooking and sex.

Tactile Eloquence 

Monuments obstruct and manifest silence, and 
permeate our social landscape. 
Privacy of our bedrooms has become part 
of a universal language. 

We evaluate the impact of culture by vaguely exploiting it. 
We diminish the seductive statements of desire, and 
consider the dominance of a language for 
both the masses and the margins. 

The most adequate issues of individuals 
are affiliated with the intolerance of status, 
despite the parameters of culture. 

...eloquence at times prepares the mind for new ideas. 

Dead monuments project gentrification. 
Theoretically infinite and meant to be a stream; 
a borrowed mythology evoking the idea of convention; 
as it manifests not only myths, but as well meaning,… 

...our meaning.


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                                                                                                             May 6, 2013