the poetry that matters

Sean Braune

Sean Braune holds a Masters in Literature from the University of Toronto. He wrote the play Leer that was performed at Ryerson University in April 2010 and directed the short film An Encounter (2005) which won the award for excellence in cinematography at the Toronto Youth Shorts Film Festival ’09. He has been published in Studies in Canadian Literature and Journal of Modern Literature. He has also presented papers at conferences on topics ranging from Heideggerian phenomenology to Debordian psychogeography.


Buildings, glacious
eyes spacings, lies
casings in

Thought gin was water,
knew space as matter
cat spells slipping in corners

Shadow link cup bobolink
stuck in pins of hairpin
pinheaded figurine

Plastic parlance, empty
chance eviscera
conditions of existence

Slatshop, slipshod
piss conditioning
probable priss opening

Mouth grim in gown
growing down fur lined

Gums bleeding
bled doubt

Ein Gertrude Stein

ein gertrude stein
st. ole eleven loaves
of coffee grinds &
fourteen pounds of dust, that
will show you in each
grain as rain ing down
salt stones. sullenly
yet not silent

ein gertrude stein 
counted st. ory’s captious
captations resulted in ulterior
intrusions in e.

soluble globes of potentiations
doth thou not require
such song or sing ing
soluble globes of potentiations
i do not re-choir such
song or sing ing

ein gertrude stein 
syl lab les
rain down akin two
grains of dust handfuls.
i’m full of syllable
slabs & cough when
worry ed

thy lobules are
g, as my lobes
do not
reside   inside
these eyes of
crooked sin &

silesius, silence
from out thy syballine
oracular tyrants,
silesius, silence
from out thy sinus
all of us crooked
stances, cross-eyed
walkers, aged
but youthfully

ein gertrude stein 
do you have the
time or space?

heterolinguistic translation done homolinguistically

            stein                gertrude           stein
            ein                   gertrude           stein
            ein                   gertrude           ein
            in                     gertrude            in
            n                      gertrude            n
            n                      gertrude            n
            on                    gertrude           on
            one                  gertrude           one
            one                  gertrude           stone
            stone               gertrude           stone

Mesomorphic Mesostic
                                        Canada of the day
                                          the day of the levees breaking
             and now all together: dacapo
 miniatures on ministrips the  dachshund and the analyst
                                       pterodactyl arises out of ashes and flies like the phoenix
phoenicians and                   
thespians wear                  the daedal
                                          of Daedalus (a shadow that follows us all)
                                   A B C Daleth
             where the feminized daemons find us lonely sailors
                                     those damnable fools grappling with their wives and women
                                        All dastards and
                                              Dandies each of them; so concerned with the
                                              dalmatics of their appearance that they appear at a glance.

A Psychogeographic Map of Toronto

The C.N. Tower looms above us, priapic pirateshipflag rigidly jutting into the starry laden blue and black blanketsky. It is taller the closer you are. Phallically attached to the 60,000 seat Skydome (a.k.a. Rogers Centre). Directly, by triangulation, you can locate yourself in either a vector to the Northwest to the Entertainment District, or by a b-vector to the Northeast in the Financial District. Northwards again by triangulation you have Chinatown, southways from that the A.G.O. now standing on stilts massively pirouetted blackstriped poles erected to maintain the stature of Torontonian artifice. Northways towards Bloor and University the R.O.M. awaits, classical architecture, columns of classical mystique now exploding with the Michael Lee-Chin Crystal designed by Daniel Liebeskind, jagged shards of structured glass and pillar held together by will and cultural designation jutting upward and outward out of history and what has passed the past. We have moved circuitous amidst the down town we own. We own the town and are down in the town as we own it. We have won the town not tow wards it. We have warded off the town that tows us towards it and down. Do not won. Beginning roughly, raggedly, rigidly: Sony Centre (a.k.a. O’Keefe, a.k.a. Hummingbird) shifting diagonally to Front St. then to Church Street. The St. Lawrence Market up ahead, centre of the flock that is hungry. Foodstuffs that stuff food. Stamps. King meets Jarvis, but we move westbound. West on King St. pass First Canadian Place, Toronto Dominion Centre, decide at King and University to not go South to the Strathcona or the Royal Bank Plaza but to move North towards the Stock Exchange, or further West along Adelaide to pass the Royal Alex. The bars, the pubs, the clubs, the dugs suggest civilization. Civilians so civil. Roy Thompson Hall North of Wellington; Metro Convention Centre South of that, and East of the M.C.C. we find the train station centrality of Union. Out of Union with its big clocks and old fathers of time you can move into underground walkways of pipe and steel and take a train anywhere. We have passed City Hall already by Queen and Bay with its semicircle split in two, architectural abnormality. Just East along passed Bay and Shuter you can stop in at Massey Hall and watch as Gordon Lightfoot performs his yearly show. It’ll be a black day in July when we watch a Canadian railroad trilogy Tripoliestically ecstatic. Walk North quickly quickly pass Ryerson Polytech Institute by Gerrard, walk West again by the Hospital for Sick Children, Mt. Sinai across the street and further West, Queen Elizabeth Hospital, walk North to College then East and pass Police Headquarters, pass Yonge and you can see the now defunct Maple Leaf Gardens waiting to be turned into a shopping mall or a grocery store. College becomes Carlton then towards Allen Gardens for shrubbery, far south forsooth Sherbourne, into the Phoenix for VIP keychains, south into Old Town, west again along Front St. back to Yonge St. intersection where we find the Hockey Hall of Fame for ice and rink, down Bay to the Air Canada Centre then a long walk northways up University to Queen’s Park to look at the old provincial government building. Pigeonshit underfoot in the grass and a large horse and soldier sculpture inbetween homeless, homeless everywhere really, on grates, on vents, in corners, underfoot. Beg for deliverance. Beg for a penny. Beg for everything. Beg to beg and begin again. Beg for some gain. Beg for an aim. To get to where we’re going we must consider where we’ve gone, every street, every metre, every inch, every step. The step along the steep roads less traveled and the shallow ones less traversed. We have traversed T.O. amidst torrid thirst. Alcoholic timeout as drinking is consumed at O’Grady’s or a Fox and a Fiddle. Some pub in Chinatown or in the core. Walking west along Bloor to Yonge and north on Yonge towards ...
            We have trekked the trek and have arrived.


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