the poetry that matters

Sacha Archer

Sacha Archer is from Hamilton, Ontario. He received his B.A. in English Literature from Trent University and won the 2008 P.K. Page Irwin Prize for poetry. He currently lives in Tianjin, China where he teaches English.


Two excerpts from:     DICTATOR




Searching the for green line. It is – it wasn’t – dictator gave me an apostrophy put a blue line under whose W whose W is it? I got the green line I wanted. apostropy wins me a red line and an accidental space in wins another two. Dictator (underlined its own name with green as I typed it, insisted on capitalization, capitalized and removed its green line) put wins together though the typo’s my trophy and took back its two red lines. Again (I’ll spell it righjt this time) apostrophie lured a red line and dictator did not capitalize it which was like being left alone just for once – just like that – that. dictator lengthens each dash ignores its own name despite lack of capita;lization but cannot ignore that semi-colon I accidentally touched. Oh, it was only waiting for a period. It has placed its green line pedantically under its name again, but has not automatically changed it. As I rewrote the typo’s my trophy ect. Dictator focused on line and then when I made the change I intended, adding an s to line, impatient dictator snatched green line away. I miss it. Capitalizes it at the beginning of my sentence. The former sentence is greened in its entirety until I begin to write this sentence when it is cleared, the green, and the green, in the middle of the writing of this sentence, reappears – this agitating sentence which also provokes an almost flashing red beneath the it which begins the next sentence which was written before this one (dash stretched). It is my sentence (referring to the green sentence [adds an r to refering]). Reds referring that’s first or second r never was in my fingers. Ect. Is a problem, a sweet problem as I type it the second time and dictator for the second time straps it with a red line, capitalizes it and takes it for a complete sentence so capitalizing is giving no problem at all. And all’s all greened. Not to forget, before it’s too late, right injected with a j, the product of hastiness, that is, drive, blushing in pointing, dictator’s laconic pointing out, criticizing, helpfulness turned dangerous pest. Then, tickling dictator with an I in apostrophe – it’s response is stop, that’s how I interpret red, the most magnetic colour. Pressed space and it’s which was sitting on a green platform is undecorated for a second or two and then redecorated, pressed space and pressed all lower case is given the go of that associated colour. i made I (I go back and correct it’s automatic capitalization of I to show i) and I I corrected reddened and again the next and again the next because repetition. Beautiful (dictator gives green line to beautiful which looked like this when I typed it then was given a big b) colour itself accused thrice because it is U.K./ Canadian spelling – a u (elongated dash) that’s perfectly misunderstood.





It has taken me this long                                                         [interpret (I’s made an e and within these brackets when ’s’s added to a lower case I the space between the vertical line and the dot above it are filled in and given shorter horizontals and on top of that or rather below, the zigzag of red come forth straight from dictator and a little while later a very short time in fact 2 apostrophes and two s’s just like s apostrophe s are rouged and as I say this when ’s’s (CLIPBOARD appears when when ’s’s (CLIPBOARD appears…) [dots that trail off are rearranged by dictator who may think it knows something about feng shui[1] so is the blue box lucky a balancing device?] is duplicated) is every letter and space identified as odd and unfitting by green and in brackets with CLIPBOARD that’s long gone two red accusations below when and beside when apostrophe s apostrophe s)[not a square bracket as I hit] that measurement as you wish it was only a joyous leap of the fisherman’s arms in excitement (and e appears as if it belongs in where I did not write it but where dictator placed it within excitement and blue under ex when I’m stationed there and much before that same blue makes an appearance under in when I’m loafing there by interpret)] which is too long it was always infront of my eyes (in connected with front through force of habit pushes dictator’s buttons [but are these buttons dictator’s or does it only inhabit them?] and expected reaction occurs: red) dictator’s regime has spread with such success because it has presented itself as a doctor. How (How which again dictator has doctored to fit its obsession had a large O shrunk and it certainly was a bowing a bowing to its desires[2] tagged with blue) could I have missed for so long dictator’s sig. it leaves at the end of each file it claims in the end as its own? For instance this work that I type at this time: dictator - Microsoft word.doc.[3]












[1] This reddening should be obvious evidence that I am wrong that in fact dictator knows nothing of this practice of geomacy (I meant to type an n but dictator frustrates and makes rebellion appealing and that’s why I’m writing? For the [lower case f… upper case F](wrong bracket my fingers are useless in many a situation, they’re not listened to []( before this greened because no room so what?](almost impossible to get the square bracket I needed so that in the trying it looked like thus: ))))]]) beauty of the typo and the newly created word and the spectrum of events which occur in writing and beyond) but what should be obvious evidence is not I cannot read dictator ony its traces like the disapproving red only lacking an l is wreathed in.

[2] And faced with changes I never asked for I react with desires to see what was taken: HOw. How difficult to, compared to how simple it could be, to write that here. 1st HO written 2nd a space 3rd the w 4th connect the w to the HO via backspace 5th move on 6th go back as it’s been changed to How and recapitalize the O 7th place period. And now the red of dictator or quack’s whim beneath HOw. And now the red of dictator or quack’s whim beneath HOw. The picture of a clipboard bores it’s gone and like I said, HO with connected w is centered out with red. Next a , after said is smothered with green and before that each number in the last enumeration having its t horst or nd [th separated and grafted to or and then st grafted onto the resulting hor makes horst which turns out to be the ridge of the Earth’s crust which was not what I was talking about but what dictator is saying autonomously and t of th is left alone and pinned down with a blue box that’s always there but hiding. The th which was separated has a red line zigzagged under it, but dictator’s splitting ended that, but of course I typed that t and that h a few times more and they each have the red like before. ND referred to is also zigzagged with red and belatedly a green zigzag is placed under an a too far from a comma] under (finding itself following a period as words are added in between: under is given the green as is an and a) order of dictator superscripted is given without say a blue empty box to carry.

[3] If I am Grumpy and Sleepy and Dopey and Bashful and Happy and Sneezy (the only one “Doc” doesn’t recognize and so brands with the red) Snow White is the site [a clipboard the clipboard of a doctor? Or (o made O and weighted with blue by who else?) a dictator who’s keeping track] I suspect to be one side of dictator.



Four sections from:     Detour








General Manager, but had not been subject to the natural, the refusal to be harm all strangers, they even prevent crimes were not aware that high-quality product this certificate, fixed-price * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

The Chinese workers in the drug safety, using each method, the culprits products, materials, and should be taken into account when terrorists attack: he or she is

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * Film ' He was absolutely great, and he or she is one of the most remarkable victims, he or she is stable.

And then she is a national missile defense system, * * * * * * * ' and ' and ' and ' and ' and '

Ignorance is not in accordance with her husband and put the date * Low bone Tauch campaign, smoking, and then adjustment. " and "








Forever. For example, the association delivers the community which gives people a hard time, the investor, is weary of the test automated system the direction, in May in this part, minister 800,000,000,000 inherits its side is the Yu respect, his disciple's high protection, this effect not not impossible stupid.* Selfless evil? Their responsibility.








I heard the name of the food, Internet, barbaric and Never trouble son suppletory arrangements; Greece,

Cyprus and performance would have thought that this single barrel of MIT microscope Part * Polytechnic, the local community, I believe this is one of the bad fox the name is very important.

Under normal circumstances, as a matter of fact, for example, restrictions on the absolute * * * the national missile defense system, and stop.

It must be consistent with national missile defense system in the belief that defense objectives in the laboratory management has been terminated. * Japan * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * the morning prehistoric fertile land.








The burden in schools. azerbaijanian inference to become geometric integration melting is a hero? friendly and sincere singing? I do not think that I need to worry about prisoners. For example, 5 * * understand *

Through the CPC Committee changed? nimble and be signed by the vehicle registration and repeat the book * * lead to a common comfortable space and reliable residential groups if the vehicle. *

They are not independent. * For example, from a child, but the children had been canceled.

For example, if you have requested street * * * * The lovers Holl Windows roof window (Louvre window *

roofs and roof areas Louvre disk window window * * roof Louvre roof window, roof window, and a rooftop window Louvre roof window. *

Roof roof and roof Louvre window roof window * * very good performance in May in a safe place. *

In the first 2 * * window glass museum and the museum in the bus window glass roof, including * need to use is a fool's national acceptance.

* * understand the confusion and cod. * * * * in an independent survey, chemical oxygen demand (COD) was discovered in the prestige, the world taste lunch. * *

This will result in the reduction potential * * * * * It will not be impossible, but it is not a structure. Similar legal articles is not sufficient, if you do not have any exhibition, * * * *

I do not need to do the same, and perhaps I might suggest that * * individually select services, one in a ceremony held at the intermediate *

As well as to improve the absorption and damage to the enterprise harmony in their protection of front is useful. * Non-destructive. *

* * * I was a celebrity, a person, an accurate and independent personalities in your food, the use and all machines, for example, he and his father is correct.




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                                                                                                           October 18, 2013