the poetry that matters

Ryan Bird

Ryan Bird’s poems make regular appearances in some of Canada’s most suppositious literary magazines, including: Free Verse Good, Free Prose Bad; The Backslap Quarterly and Rage Against the Colophon. He has also appeared in dANDelion, Carousel & filling Station. You can read Ryan Bird's blog at www.robotkissingbooth.blogspot.com


How Wormholes Are Made



Delilah Hawking could smile like

the most popular girl at an all-girl

Christian Music Academy. On her

way home from a lacklustre box

social, Delilah was distracted by

her box of leftover finger sandwiches.

They were made from Hellman’s

Miracle Whip & sweet, sweet cocktail

gherkins. She attempted to consume

the finger sandwiches while walking

down a familiar street. The whole

thing almost ended badly. However,

a spindly, young delivery boy named

Sam dropped his bags of deliverable

groceries in order to pull Delilah

to safety. “What’s that pink thing?”

asked Delilah who was about to

be smacked into unattractiveness by

an oncoming Mary Kay convertible.

The convertible was pink; it would

have matched Delilah’s wounds &

fingernails. Anyhow, braced by Sam’s

arms, Delilah took a breath & declared

“Boy, do I owe you. Do you accept

payments that involve sexy outfits?”

Momentarily stunned, Sam reached

into a nearby grocery bag, & pulled

out a jar of generic mayonnaise. Sam

held out the jar as if it were a bouquet

of flowers. Delilah thought about

how Sam’s cheek bones could do

with a hint of skilfully administered 

rogue. Sam blushed like a school boy,

& Delilah’s head swam with the

most inappropriate music. “Have

you ever thought about cosmetic

improvement?” she asked. Before

Sam’s mouth could answer, the clouds

toppled over like fallen grocery bags.

Cascading strands of spilled Time

whipped about their haircuts like breeze.

Then in an instant, they were gone.


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