the poetry that matters

Ross Barnes-Moore

Ross Barnes-Moore is a writer from Manchester who studied poetry at MMU


So Long St Peter
campari coloured dodgems
stray fingers trap black
let’s look at yarmouth
let’s look at portsmouth
let’s look at the stones of all the crafts
it’s an art
it’s a bloodstream
it’s called the shambles
(and still a much sought after delicacy)
shire horses
lives spent with trees
small timbers and blackpool rock
and rivers pressed in silver grey granite

Idiot Savant
en angleterre
welting french lessons
crumbling portacabins,
These things are dissuasive
These romance linguistics.
The past proves regnant,
A latent homosexual,
With a piecemeal preference
kind of equine
kind of bracing.
The French Disease
Like a man-faced cat
Watching rivers
Little General vandals,
And Elgin.


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                                                                                                             May 30, 2013