the poetry that matters

Rose Hunter

Rose Hunter is the author of [four paths] (Texture Press 2012), and to the river (Artistically Declined Press 2010). Poetry and other writings have appeared in DIAGRAM, anderbo, Juked, Bluestem, PANK, New World Writing, Cordite, The Nervous Breakdown, and elsewhere. She is from Australia originally, lived in Canada (Toronto) for ten years, and now lives in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.




of a feat her          its moor brick          work

of a feat her          u call ed          it a miss quote          i sd


of coarse whee have knot re mane ed          the same

of coarse, fore tea five          degrees. i hope ed          fore a diff err rent


                        of coarse, trow fees          & u; cereal

of conscious ness          pro seed dural          fl oh wing          &


of my soul is peal ling          off

of my throes a wey          from the riv          err


                        of print ed          silk pajamas

of soli terry          door sill          fin


of sum one           glide ding          inn sum

of these pane bod de’s          i am as good at




on guerrero the lost man & lite reign

on madero knot madera & fore shore whee cld have


on one of them i new watt a horizon was

on the scale of bad & real lee          bad


on yore stomach like a fierce cub




once i fled from a bare w/ miss cull ore ed


                        once u sd y tell u any thing          u will

once u stuff ed          it inn my mouth


once u wan dir ed          wood i bee in ter rest ed

                        one at the side loan st a lack tight




one of his signs this two

one of the things i teas a bout          u


one of them a hatch back

one of those i walk ed          parse ed


                        one of those things u say, wen

one of yore signs, the wight table cloth


                        one side & front & top

one thyme & knot inn dance sing          w/ me




ore a dis card ed          can de          rap per

                        ore grip ping          the see grass


ore i mean scallop sum soft bod de          mis sing         a house.

ore if i wan ted          too torque a bout          sum thing          else real lee


                        ore if knot, watt kind of tree

ore inn yore car ore late & that


ore know clues i do knot want too

ore may bee          it was just u, fish head          as u tern ed


                        ore parse ed          the trump et          vines how i was

ore roof leak on priss teen          leo pard          head fur


ore scorpions. i thought my self          fr e err

                        ore sum such. inca dove swishing


ore sum telly graf          y errs          a chance

ore sum thing           u fore got          inn yore car


ore the other. ch ill ed wren          & watt

ore the waves a gain st          yore diamond edge


ore the woman w/ the bad teeth whoo neglects

ore w/ the torque how ever re thing


                        ox & an gel          but too the now






























r back inn me like shin sp lints

r rite on tar get


r hear w/ purr puss

r the same. watt


r they inn that they r sticks

r knot just one thing


r knot just one thing

r knot just one thing


r most like lee drunk rite now





sum thing          too hold up & ask watt is it

sum a polo gee          from u whoo has never

sum thing          on his live err          he says

sum thin’ stoopid

sum of the thyme, im age inn          it

sum ppl go one wey

sum ware          w/ palm cactus          & pa pie a

sum watt          inn teary ore          decor ate ore          leo pard

sum thing          they did knot steel


view from hear most like lea

v.          | viii. | vi. | vodka & lines & taxis & |


vi.         | vii. | vi. | vii. | viii. | viii. | vi. | val en tine         

read, & robes butt whee never


| vii. | v. | value ed         

as is & knot bee cause          | v.









xi.           xiii.

aft ter          being



xii.            xanadu

xv.          xv.

xiv.          being


xanadu,           xiv.

x.                      x.










yes, i sd, if u ask me am i hap pea 

yet how sim plea          a leo pard          will


yet no a bout          the awl most          drown ed          woman

yet no a bout          the awl most          drown ed          woman


yet too bee leave          & knot bee leave

yore cow boy          hat on the tv is awl rong





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                                                                                                                 July 16, 2013