the poetry that matters

Robert Swereda

Robert Swereda was raised in rural Alberta, currently studying creative writing at Capilano University where he has been an editor of The Liar. He has authored two chapbooks. Other work has been published by magazines Flask & Pen, The Liar, The  Monongahela Review, Northshore News Blogspot, and forthcoming pieces are to appear in The Capilano Review. He has a disorganized page of visual art, music and sound art, text and photography at http://www.terminus1525.ca/ along with a Youtube page full of experimental music. http://www.youtube.com/user/burntumber

   r p  ch s
    ho t    ed    rst
   g   er ue  redi   ons  or
a h si     n of s i 
  ando  a ume t
     a  a   ng m  t o  li    
   p    h w  th
 i t  f pe s  di g  be   nce 
ov r p  ch s
   sh  tha   d t  rs 
   g ov   ue p  d    ons  or
a  esi    on of   in
   nd n    u en
wi h an  rr  ge   t  f    ing
 eep  i h w  th
 i t o    rs  di g  bed en e

over patches
of shorthanded thirst
long overdue predictions for
a hesitation of skin
abandon argument
with an arrangement of living
keep with worth
diet of persuading obedience 

o  r pa ches
of  ho t  nd d t  rst
l ng ov   ue pre ict   s f  
a hes  ati n of s in
 b  don   gu ent
wi h an a  angem nt  f   ving
 e p    h w rth
di t  f persu  ing o edien e

w  k ou   o fe l mor  c  for able
is la e to su  ort c ange
of r la   nsh p: gra s s ai ed,    dbl wn
 gg ng
fo  c ea  thr  t th nking
fra ti n: mi k I th  st  or.

 ro m f r s  h  n e  ibit.

 pir d   mfo t        s   t  ut    v    sh  o d neg   ve sh 
walk out to feel more comfortable
isolate to support change
of relationship: grass stained, windblown
for clear throat thinking
fraction: milk I thirst for.
no room for such an exhibit.
expired comfort        split out on varnish wood negative show

 alk ou  to fe l  ore  omfo   ble
Iso  te  o s ppo t   ange
of re atio   ip: gr ss stai ed, wi dbl wn 
b g ing
f r cl ar t  oat  hink ng 
 ra  ion: mil  I t ir t for.
 o ro m  or suc  an exh bit.
e pir d co  or         s   t ou  on var  sh wo d n  at ve s ow

  es  spe l ca  s wo ’t h t t e gro n
le t s  r h ng  or conn  tion
ri ht wi h p   un  ati n c ys a s  s usu l wil
in n  v   ess st o g in   rrow
a ne d to l av  b   re   rk w t a d u   le pa es
in  ou  elf 
hi   ous w  h chan e of ak e  ver
wha   er we  ay, wh     r  ur e cu e is
 h ow kn   s at t e li e   s   d bi ter
 u h. fumb   a ou d. m       gs    dis     ure
these spell casts won’t hit the ground
left searching for connection
right with pronunciation crystals as usual wilt
in nervousness strong in sorrow
a need to leave before dark wet and unable pages
in yourself 
hilarious with chance of take over
whatever we say, whatever our excuse is
throw knives at the lifeless and bitter

push. fumble around. mutterings of displeasure
t   e s  ll c s s won’    t t e   ound
l  t searc   g  or  onne tion
i  t  ith pron nci tion c yst ls as usual wi 
n n   ous es  str    in s   ow
a nee  to    ve bef  e d rk  et a d u  ble pa es
in yo   elf

 il ri us  ith cha ce of t ke o er
at ver we s y, wha ev r  ur exc se is

 row kniv s at  he lifel  s a d b  ter
push.  umb e a ou d.  utt   ngs    displ    re

  s  dy o  f l  n  ra   es:
  yer ge     y
 n    o e t ’  in er
b r  d ove     p  f  hite
c ue   ot. 
  tsi e w  h a so nd l  e a t rr to     an  al
ba k an  fo t  of  h ev ry 
 i pi g aw y a  a    ning
i  a a en   
  al ze a t  te o  sl ep
i  a b   ment   ll of d    
 o so nds    e   fe

a study of fallen branches:
layer geometry
in a forests’ winter
buried over trap of white
clue shot.
outside with a sound like a territorial animal

back and forth
of thievery
sipping away at a joining
in awareness
realize a taste of sleep

 in a basement full of dream
no sounds save life

Decimator poem 1.




Ado          we have    rehensi    of. Let us     out eas  .Try to s      ound a
pt a fun     been do    ble. Bu     go back,     ily. Kee   cratch o     nd abo
eral tem   ing thing    t now l      travel an      p out of   ut a repr    b lea
po. sou    s, is a m    et me d    d separa     sight, fe  ieve and     ving.
nd halts    ost impr    raw a p    te at will.      ar of ca  prevent s
and bre    essive s   arallel w    There's       sualties  tars from
aks into   cene co    ith other    no reaso     could pr  sproutin
fragmen   mpletly     tradition    you shou     esent a  g. Lay o
ts. How    imcomp   s or lack    ldn't slip      problem  n the gro


Decimator poem2.


Mesotics on The Glass Bead Game

1. The call                              7. In office
2.Waldzell                              8. The Two Poles
3. Years of freedom           9. A Conversation
4. Two Orders                      10. Preparations
5. The Mission                     11. The Circular letter
6. Magister Ludi                 12. The Legend

     gamE                                                     knoWn
    consCientious                                        venerAte
         gAin                                                 bacheLour
    pabuLum                                                     eDited
         gLass                                                   xxZxx
   justifY                                                 generaL
     SecRet                                                           sTirrings
remainS                                                                We
       grOtesque                                                    dOubt
         liFe                                                             tOgether
           Fact                                                       woRds
sculptuRes                                                     indeeD
    gavE                                                              opEn
       irrEsponsibly                                           histoRy
           Domination                                             eaSily
                     Movement                                layMan
               abidIng                                           speAk
           dancerS                                           stranGely
                     Sketch                                       wrIters
          light-mInded                                    confeSsor
                 biOgraphies                               tempT
self-obsessioN                                                    Extension
             Few                                                               disquisiTion
             Fodder                                                                postHumous
         wrIting                                                                        stEp
        traCed                                                                      worThy
    disobEdience                                                                      Word
      nowAdays                                                                      cuLture
        catChword                                                                      lEgend
           tOgether                                                               atmoSphere
   closEr                                                        painTing
biograPhies                                                  togetHer
    detAchment                                                   cErtain
      foR                                                        hiearChy
       fAct                                                             fInest
  worThwhile                                               histoRy
   fashIons                                                       neCessary
       pOems                                                     strUggles
 drawN                                                             ceLebrated
   irreSistibly                                                     gAme
       iT’s                                                       skeTch
   notHing                                                          Treat
    unEquivocal                                                mEmory
        Lapdog                                                     aRdent


reacquaint yourself
with reason you admitted here
the voice uplifts
accompany this
as if it were
your own
the sense swims around
heaves itself over
rivers of regret
and loss
in the lowest of low, reduction:
an alarmed presence
from wandering deserts of
great noise
an elegant appearance
stands still to casts shadow over quicksand
dismissive looks
stream on past with a kind of
                                           I just came to see the distance between remembrance
                                                                                                                                                                                                                       and fact
                                                                                                                                                              the river stands empty
                                                                                                                                          un-clustered, not together.
                                                                                                                                                                               conversation in walls
                                                                                                                                  of anguish remove
                                                                                                                      all the Cancer and hold
                                                                                                                                      against your belly

returns attention to immediate pipedream
that threatens sincerity
hip-deep in hunger
for connection

how much of this will vanish into nothing? to suspicious of forming connections
the current is too strong
and your words
thick with debris
of sound that
bends against cedar
locating a fashion
of single steps toward prediction

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