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Robert Chrysler

Robert Chrysler is an inspired subway-ranter from Toronto, Canada. He enjoys challenging capitalist property relations, trying to figure out what the post-structuralists are going on about, and dreams of someday living in a tree. His work has appeared in: Melancholia's Tremulous Dreadlocks, Venereal Kittens, The Concelebratory ShoeHorn Review, The Guild of Outsider Writers, and The City Poetry.
He is also the editor of The StarFish Journal, and a proud member of Discharge 2:

Robert Chrysler's latest book is Every Exit Impossible to Imagine with Wings from Trainwreck Press (now out of print - but click here to view a pdf version)

Read an interview with Dr. Kane X. Faucher: http://www.ditchpoetry.com/Robert%20Chrysler%20Interview.pdf



Whys From the Depths of Space

...of myriad small things/this time
through the mirage of you (when hearsay
becomes capable of dissipating blistered seconds
rising from the road in blind idiot wisps of naiveté)
quickened to savour/past the rhetoric of
The West and nihilism's corrosive ruins/to bomb
loaded cadavers embedded in the center that
justified falling from the half-way mark of grace
to drink the boredom of gods forging
the distance of revision/created to still
blasphemy and a fair amount of pain
curling its speckled wings to shield their
precious whores from the net of tomorrow raining
whys from the depths of space


Dadagram #14

The breath of beauty (repose)/banned in public
coming as taped sieves to hardened stomachs
(just below the religious in one big bicycle)
crossed the book of avenues alive with bronzed,
sweaty backs/knowing the cessation of desire
fully (between the terror and the transcendental)


Dadagram #15

blazed satisfaction powers what you want from me shot learning to delicately kill video to vagaries hiding an airstrike in empty pockets returned from legality reigns over socialist archaeology studying quote detainees from the dangerous widow screened for seventy-seven marrying an agenda weight between two men and hoping shadows climb sagacity to die paramount ends in themselves passed delirium more profoundly choking victory from blood-stained shoulders resolution blowing up meagre revenue lying about potential employment prospects had to be a flight from critical analysis because they were completely gay beside your leg ploughed deconstruction all my fault phenomenon churning the reunited radio love God's flabby melting breasts discussing the back outside of something rattling me as the nexus of life bends volume times infinity preferring the ominous to the banal

non-status staring at the stars communion closed drives after the next beer burial warps filial changes in the art of prostitution whistling at the enemies of the organic blowing diamond language shards behind the injection shaking your body high and low with the sickness dealt decided pronouncing the accordion lyrically soft interludes imagination directly through red samples clenched blood sheltering the hours addicted to imperialist blue beer light sharing diagrams meant to seduce the dragon at last running corporate warmth lost the pay-roll wavered doctoral gloom crying like a star-fish gladiator transcending the kingdom dripping the combined force of ashes dead as the empire's empirical

until tomorrow configured muses speak that thing dancing scripture captioning the real nothing without mayonnaise feeling shy at the source circuit prayed locusts glossed brief candles hearing the apple lost scholars forgave the tense washed expecting the nine dealer between underworld evolution repairs nourished and split a good man exhaling the gospel to sing excellent grey thanks booked at you forbidding fire jumped obsoletely outside the yawn vine business enjoying blood imposed upon amalgamated ice served proudly his beating the best twelve of twelve dots showing up a flaring world embraced divorce attorney files tampering with the GDP so hated my aesthetic choices tortured into winged effluvia draught the soap can't be lean and hungry anymore than exciting hello reconnected in the middle of the itch applicators past the harpoon signifying satellites in your pants paying velcro amusement preparing to fly to work doubled-up in the corner crying a silver canoe rested the first century cramp leopard laughing horses thinking cellular review parts hours perfectly as a tub of fair opening already circumspect halo setting badness ready to order what is good sitting directly behind discriminations felt keenly at the window embarrassed before them all to pump pressure dizziness pimples ruptured flour-bags that butter-flavoured thistle still raining need ever to hit Babylon like facile quivering exactly as a storm thinking large back to the junk communicating with words learning to speak another language and

smoking blue materialism


Queen of Hearts

...for him that the cherry bleeds: through the world sideways...typically hieroglyphic against the night's fecund processing of the aching "I" in imagination...finally, monks with hairy fingers aperture the best in love...frozen damnation thoughts define our history...bestial from the depths...patriarchy glistens in your hair, offers its brine to the flag...wordless white once lived here and soothed the air with light, derelict kisses

Filling the world with me now: rise and shine, chlorine, like these words...quiet days numbering brimstone...delicacy staying ebony shields upon we three hours staying strong...we need bouncing radium undulations, golden brown edges devising their own alien science...perfumed engines slowly plant divine orality gleanings in the web of woe...specifically, fire cranks numinous crowns of dew at the police station, reminding the feet of morning to rise for the wind's prey

Passing, sitting like colours in our mouths: during a visit, cloistered lines wrap themselves around vermin branches, foraging a sonnet a minute...burrowed through red and green...fingers stolen from a poster......ricocheting soot between the various tranquil laundromats of innovation...and the colonies blazed signals, gilding reality's hands and heart with hypnosis...lapsed interiority eggs whichever way, peeling redemption spirals encoded in the beaches of systematized tatters

A short squeeze: devouring forever lost orgasms left to rot on the backs of wonder...



Stiletto Vertigo

Images shoot through the air,
reifying the terror we all breathe.

Your most frail gesture carefully closing
the stiletto somewhere I have never travelled
in this dark city.

Burrowing epochal transformations into the
hindlegs of madness, we no longer care when
the infinite finally escapes the family.

Multiple serendipities grasped of a sudden,
an aquatic reduction of data rendering nothing
when the heart everywhere in this world compels me
beyond silence.

Immortality. The absolute. Draperies of forgetfulness
breaking antique sonnets. Midnight surrenders a vague
quiver of chimerical clarity. A screaming blue equinox
swims across various laws of dimensionality, equal to
forty ounces in five minutes.

or we could just stay here forever, sweating smoke
on the anniversary plunged into the shadow of her
hips' rounded softness bringing the gift of music
to quench our heathen thirst.

Strange, alien rumblings in which this returned
act of night lit with mystery and an interval Iam
forbidden to touch perceives death with each dream,
as when this flower imagines, petal by petal, the voice
of your eyes rendering everywhere too near.


Satori Machine

abolition...synaptic renegade...encoder magic engendering a return to...your own static perception promises near invisible, wavering programmes of temporality to wash away your tears...dreaming eyes perpetually

beneath endless reinvention
cascading trumpets and non-linear virus circuitry diseases...joining ovular carnage...immersion within bleeding mushroom sex...gifted the other half with the possibility of separation and thus autonomy...divine sensory catastrophe promises to star in my life with equal measure

folded your past like recombinant cells draining all logic chained to scenes of infection

we'll start with the aliens and roll deep...beyond blood

whorls of suicide data vibrate naked sleep...earthen ashes...semen hours thrown behind dealings painting a burn-mark...subtle exhumed ideas...grace steeling the microbes against way back when implosions

mutant insanity lubricant for two, please


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