the poetry that matters

R. Kolewe

R. Kolewe lives in Toronto. He is a member of the editorial board for the online magazine InfluencySalon.ca. His photographs, which have been shown in various venues, are in many private collections.

You can see his photographic work at
http://r.kolewe.net, and read some of his writing at http://afterafter.net.

 In 3 parts, the neurotransmitters sing, Amygdala!

To understand a proposition means to know what is the case if it is true.
--- Tractatus 4.024


Falling past the imagine
Falling past the limbic beautiful
Falling past the skeletal rider

Falling past the tautology nerve
Falling past the past
Falling past the pure aesthetic direction proposition

Falling past the new activity on
Falling past the repeat modulation of memory consolidation
Falling past the angel and the serotonin orchid, almond, feather, star, dance, seize, lift ---


The draft, the attempt, the etched plate un-inked with shadow un-blacked un-dyed un- or the passage of or the blood of or an audience or a conscript or a participant or an inside or a necessary MRI. No one is necessary. No one is inside. There is no inside, no dove grey false colour. Father.


Falling light rain wind centromedial in rats and cats
from the northeast and mist curve bias
almost calm the drizzle hardly.

Sun rise at 7:52.
Every day a bit off if embodied.
Outside there is no outside.

A thin edge, a between sustained enhancements of signalling.
A pale white dawn I.
Unwarranted winter memories associated with emotional events.

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                                                                                                                   May 31, 2012