the poetry that matters

Richard Wink

Richard Wink is a poet based in Norwich, England. His work has appeared in Aesthetica Magazine, White Chimney Magazine, 3AM Magazine, Dogmatika, Zygote in my Coffee, Ink Sweat & Tears, Word Salad, Southern Ocean Review, Concrete Meat Sheet, Sein und Werden and Thieves Jargon and is the editor of the blog-zine gloom cupboard. He also has three chapbooks independently published with a new chapbook scheduled for 2008. The truly courageous can view his profile on myspace.


Throwback to 75
Pose with ketchup bottles
tick tac
and onion grief.
Let me stand
in climax
Later with cohorts
we merge shadows
with sightseeing
red top buses
and blindness
tapping on shoulders
turning round
and nothing
Truly the pine had led me
to fuck knows where
I had a compass
and half a match
and number
seven hundred
and fifty two
Tar boils blemished hands
this is the tide
in worship
time melts
in half;
the red tiger
mocks tuberculosis
ridden needles
and punched out traffic lights

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