the poetry that matters

Richard Mason

Richard Mason lives in Oxford, UK.



drool    of                        nostalgia       mopped            powdered     lips
black      sticky  stick     receptacle      chewed     to unfit     for  purpose
cardboard     soaked        with                      greed             ecstatic the
vapours      one        day    no      more    words      in       head    pulped


cricked                    scraped                                   through       muslin
far    from                      ideal                  fantasy     escape            via
whirring              jalopy                        privy           oral              dregs 
nodule             performing             anteater         project         savoured  


drips             we were                   where an     angle and     that   depth
vulgar            wouldn’t    turnstone       appalling smiles between raindrops
they  skipped    never proof                read pain just      juts   from   spine
corny      pathos           up     stardust          abrupt   guffaws    read  like  


patched up awake no less  of  figure seldom reunited  even in sleep  rancour
unclear to     all     but were     there    it’ll   be     on  other    side or   not   
at     all    convulsive     a    breeze    iffy    percussives        sped  earward
or      if      unmade     bed      lain      in     seldom    pelted       with    shit



old  mint  creamed
on a supine bough
 cue a heady  aside 

while coughing  up
sulky angelfish not
swiped or escaped 

yet until about well
metagrobolized for
eleven to shampoo

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