the poetry that matters

Raymond Farr

Raymond Farr lives in Ocala, FL USA. His work has appeared in many journals, anthologies, blogs, & ezines over the last five years, including some now defunct legends such as Poethia, canwehaveourballback? MAG, and XStream. His more recent publications include Otoliths, Bird Dog, Cab/Net, Dusie, Little Red Leaves, Moria, Apocryphaltext, Success: I Am My Own Twin, Cricket On Line Review, Aught, BlazeVox2k, Zafusy, Hutt, Venereal Kittens, 88, 580 Split, Letterbox, Cannot Exist, and Eratio Postmodern Poetry. His poems were included in the Sidebrow Anthology #1, and he has an echap up at www.dusie.org. For more info visit his blog mjonesrview.blogspot.com

           Some Gestures Require Participants to Write


Hash bin’s afraid popsicle sticks

R freeze dried [less bien…mexicali

Crying BEANS [the POEt hruway

Riles up nothing in OLD BEANTOWN

unless pervaded arterial wall monster


Notes changing data streams theM

on THIS species a pang’s a mango

Balls b-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l-l-y attached

So far it is the special case re:

Furred to in Norton’s Anthology


Thank You Again /this gesture allows

SPACE a defined repetition of seq-

UentiaL FACTOrs  but what we

Abandon is the infinite pause /the

undergrounders MISSING a foot or a


Garden of Eden looking stupid

As squidup/consequence of: I ass-

ume /consuming your poodle, MINNIE ME

Takes only a second glandce over 5th

Shoulder [accordink to the accordian Timex


hosts ‘re up wind of hallucinating owl BRAIN

cough & dumbcopff expect irony

to pull shoot so down tumbled OSCAR the

GROUCH from his Bedouin camcorder  HAND



What lost dog shadows BEING?

Flown out of site? [I concurr :

Sunnysonsunshiney boy, this is yr grave

shake & glimmertill Friday evening up

here yr position has shifted /reArranged


the dominant race has filed div-

orce papers [olives are treated as though

their oil glistens against false teeth

masters Position: calls safe passAGE

& heirs suffer: DO NOT CALL


All tolls remain PERFECTmust reg-

ister domains CELL poets on Beat

phones The Harbor House in Rock-

portshines up the striped focus After



on M He put his foot where his

poem is [oily this is a franchise

of franchises D-I-S-G-U-I-S-E

wansta start here: “ONLY MUCH LATER

and far too late /did we discover


that two LINES i.e. were missing”

Stutter over sexual organ FAILyore

distant Ma Bell /Whose fall out

remarked[without INSTRUCTION: detach

& enclose/DETACH & enclose the


Response portion [DO THIS:

Of yr form [DO NOT DO THIS:
[DO THIS: [do not fold, staple,

Or paper clip documents. Pantomime

a stamp across Mars cell dew champs.









       Ordar & Radar: uncl, What iz fladder?



what iz fladder

A plain txt? Oops.

I askd…i.e.

(a barnd clod’s fyoomng

Mowth) or

Th erth’s

newmiracle az

en knee # after

Don’t reed: instrctnl purpses

ohn lee/ slash

Hen peckng DOS-

Age ,,(dis)Order oarl

MT range sd

& reason /RADAR: ckane

& abull

owtdove Scott hills’



S try pasted

& culled


Ing device in uh

Void dead eX

Sales Rep’s ur moniker


Miserere blue,

adieu to

Yer & yer loose lipstickers


Dept Stor

y region elle exec

Squirm mutha


\uh sippee r dunn floed

n ta uhTore

Rent focus/d awn

Apiary REM

nap dyme /10¢


dada limo

seen fleaeng

Drivng & drnkng

a coxck’s

Tale abt Tuillerie

mock bir-

D ee birc h sing


hang ng owt ov

Tha back wndow

gloves &

Globes on /tumor’d sex

Driv r alters

excptshunnull dick-

Shun aerie

A dome over

The c of flux

‘n’ sax

Partz O Ceanic

Varroom hartz

mt® n2 eyedol’d

hans arp handz

blow torque -ng

Twistdead met

ro politan muse

See’m(?) ohvuh

Meta ph(lo!)ors,

Gabors , labor

Eh tories—

“This weigh to tha


X hibit, uncl!”

th sub

-Ject matter kept

(jept?) us up in

Spirit, shift

ng due E_st

ov Caps then

No caps un-

Theem’d az

Origami t wister

Oliv ‘r lines ‘r

Lines ‘f lines









               recita pome herotology (in a fix


At a haute ( el ( , ) oh

Heresy’s kisses ( , ) kisses

her hand throwing

Hersey’s kisses outawn

the lawn table

& chairs

O’ the deck

& o’ the hill o’ r Munch ( desire

Oft she screamedd elighted dot com

a ring finger alive

To alleve here a haute haute ( el ( , )


Hill mud a Munchde sire

Edvard boot heel

Out snakingkine o’ hillfolktale

Poking grouse about : sinnappy papillae

Pappy! A crap ( , ) say ma

The book ( , ) it leaves has

Gotten sotto vocce mentaljar

A huff reaction time : of poldy tolddead ( , )

to Leda

To go awn swann

Ing! innut innt stuffing pleats

To jarbug ( , ) a spoof

to greenknee the boogiemeanie

She brang a little wittle brawnzed man

wizard ( , ) otto greenanne

& turned terrible off /en

The water

She moved to a Middlesex


& came winter described itself

a bit chaste

So lawng window & sheet whitear

Of voice ( , ) watcheehatchee-


Fiddle uph& mauvais

to moon slept

Shinear a firear ( , ) song to beat

The pen waits ( , )

The clear morn of mourned morns

awaits cityou

The yard a glass glossy angle

office / orifice is

Snow dribbling down

& up banks’s

I write today ( , ) first day

in electrical daze

Mannewer wafters slog off ( , )

snuggled up ( , ) bye


positioned like recita pomes’



liken a fiddlestyx to enigma

Popewings in eng. Proper

this hanky-panky dank got

rawlice aMuncher

a buncher of tic toc

the clock swings

say ( , ) haint you alive

or a nountnut!?

sleepless skulling ( , ) toss n

n ravine wolverines

at Bedouin take n meadowfours

mistakes up for over

the snow piles

aces liken or naught

dead racine oops!

I told early may ( , ) no book

to bask in

Come & goes … wherey

of places

Crank broke off ten piece o’ hand o’ nines

bobbin like

No gripper on well enuff alone


At pieces of alone!

At site has a mellow snow man

dizzy for crazed living

Ghosts streaminnight!

Up Loose!

Makin’ moonshine ( , ) the I-ching off sow

& Laĉour

the nest bytes

Hay ( , ) taint ehd corn licqker

I reckon a joist

Heave m

A dyle

Masterfreud of MA

Younggun art around a wheel

Someat pawnd ranger und German

I bled writing a doctorate

Next I nose : tow roads diverged in uh wooded area

Eye knows jailbirdringer

for a hootinowl

All at a gashaus disturbin : and I ( , )

I took the roade less havoc than

Ripend a hangin there

mr basinski huh!

Em tools r yourin cain’t a walk

Home a fore

Lowrds prear


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