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Rasiqra Revulva

Rasiqra Revulva is a Toronto-based writer, multi-media artist, editor, musician, and performer.  In 2010, she was awarded an Honourable Mention for the Judith Eve Gewurtz Memorial Poetry Prize.  Her work has been published by The Incongruous Quarterly, Cordite Poetry Review and Steel Bananas Quarterly.


How to Fake it So (s)He Stops: A User’s Guide to the Sex Assault Konami Code

(up)                 (up)

jerk head        twist neck



clutch breast        rend nipple

(down)                 (down)



(left)churning breaths                                                 sirening wail(right)

(left)eyelids clamped                                         pelvic seizure(right)


                                              punctuate with meaningless cries:     (a)god

                                                          (b)hir name


play out closing credits.                                                                          disengage to demo screen.


“Dwayne.” “Texas.” “Unclean.”


one am again, wretched, august sixteenth,

overhead plastic darkness steaming like black coffee potent and slick

with creamy clouds blooming like spoiled-milk mushrooms, blasted-still. 

fevers, swoons.  wrinkled slip, cerise gloss that stains burgundy with

newly replenished sweat, oily and sharp.  beasts of fecundity with

dense, bony teeth chew portholes for inanimate eyes.  aching body,

 bleeding woman; deeper pulsing hollows like thunder, bruising stars that

never come.  never  ever.  never.  never.  ever never.  come never

that stars bruising, thunder like hollows pulsing deeper; woman bleeding,

body aching.  eyes inanimate for portholes chew teeth bony, dense

with fecundity of beasts.  sharp and oily, sweat replenished newly

with burgundy stains that gloss cerise, slip wrinkled.  swoons, fevers. 

still-blasted, mushrooms milk-spoiled like blooming clouds creamy with

slick and potent coffee black like steaming darkness plastic overhead,

sixteenth august, wretched, again am one



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                                                                                                            October 19, 2013