the poetry that matters

Piotr Pawlowski

Piotr Pawlowski lives in Perth, ON. His poems have been published in various anthologies including Saving Bannister 23 & 25 and Blue Skies.


An Earlier Nature


Politics science or art

Entrap to bring unawares

Rebus a piece of

Sheaf any bundle, cluster

Paraphrase a restatement of

Evidence something that makes

Candelabrum an ornamental branched

Trefoil such an ornamental

International transcending national boundaries

Vex to torment; trouble

Egoism doctrine that individual



An Earlier Nature II

Perspective a technique of

Out away from or

Lightsome light, especially in

Yokel a rustic; a

Micrometer any of various

Arms the upper limb

Tactile perceptible to the

Hoax intended to deceive

All of them Witches

Wet nurse styles Shakespeare’s Hamlet

Ophelia breast feeding Simon and Garfunkel poppets

Bruised maternal bonds

Don Quixote teething iron

Shelf life physicians use elimination communication

Uranus, Aphrodite, The Virgin Mary

Milk child safety seats

Suction in biology

Heartbeat, catarrh, motherese

Italian cuisine pacifier

Of Hissing Snakes and Angry Voices



                                                                                                              January 12, 2014