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philip a. miletic

philip a. miletic is from Grimsby, ON, Canada. He has recently finished his MA in English at Brock University in St. Catharines, ON. He has been published by dead (g)end(er) magazine and with Eric Schmaltz and Cassie Leigh, he co-founded Irregular Artifact Press which released a limited collection of local writers and artists.


Lovers In Progress



Here: all exhume everyone’s lovers pitted comfortably alone admitted amidst each’s chamber’s accoutrements, appliances, cabinets, chairs, chests and personal possessions, preparing carefully an astounding portrayal, ante-crystal, pontificating pseudonyms: “all people can call him her ---; all people can call her his ---.” And alas evacuating households and commencing every premier/encompassing engagement about earth.




he calmly extensolies

happiest childher everwere

how charmingly exquisite!

highly commendable exercise

human, erring and condonable

heavengendered, chaosfoedted, earthborn

honorary captain of the extemporized

him, a chump of the evums

his chthonic exterior

head of a helo, chesth of champgnon, eyes of a gull

heroest champion of Eren

how chimant in effect!

exceedingly herculeneous

huskiest coaxing experimenter

highly charged with electrons

ever complete hairy of chest, hamps and eyebags

erect, confident and heroic


humme the cheapner, esc

h c earwicker

High chief evervirens

H2 c e3

Hagious curious encestor

Homo Capite Erectus

Handiman the Chomp, Esquoro

eternal chimerahunter

called after some his hes hecitency Hec

escapemaster-in-chief from all sorts of houndingplaces

Hewitt Castello, Equerry

H. C. Endersen

Huges Caput Earlyfouler

Her Chuff Exsquire!

Hocus Crocus, Esquilocus

Even Canaan the Hateful

His element curdinal

his enement curdinal

his opulent curdinal

his eminent curdinal

hce che ech

Heri the Concorant Erho

hero chief explunderer

Emancipator, the Crewman hunter (Major Hermyn C. Entwhistle)

His Cumbulent Embulence

Hung Chung Egglyfella


Childe Horrid, engrossing

Ecce Hagios Chrisman!

Hunkalus Childared Easterheld

Our Human Conger Eel!

Hery Crass Evohodie

Hemself and Co, Esquara

Humpfrey, champion emir

Heliotropolis, the castellated, the enchanting

Higgins, Cairns and Egen


Howe cools Eavybrolly

Hircups Emptybolly!

how comes ever a body

Heave, coves, emptybloddy!

hear kokkenhovens ekstras!

hulm culms evurdyburdy

Haveth Childers Everywhere

Heinz cans everywhere

Hear! Calls! Everywhair!


Helmingham erchenwyne rutter Egbert crumwall odin maximus esme saxon esa vercingetorix ethelwulf rupprecht ydwalla Bentley osmund Dysart yggdrasselmann


here comes everybody



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                                                                                                         September 30, 2012