the poetry that matters

Pearl Pirie

Pearl Pirie is currently and foreseeably in Ottawa, running her train of thought along many ponds, vispo, mechanically separated meat and fur poems. Her work has appeared in Peter F Yacht Club (above/ground, 2009), unarmed #60 (2009), Pent Up (AngelHouse Press, 2009), Into Our Words (Press Here, 2009), http://www.nationalpoetrymonth.ca, 1cent, (issue #400, 2009) Ottawater.com, experiment-o.com, GAR (2008), Oath in the Boathouse (chapbook, above/ground, 2008), Whack of Clouds (AngelHouse, 2008) Puddle leaflet #23 (griddle grin, 2008). She won a 3rd place for Ray Burrell Award for Poetry 2006. She has a forthcoming chapbook from AngelHouse Press this fall, entitled over my dead corpus.

take it on the china

punch in the order
the dead band is 4 degrees

in man versus machine, B.O.B.s
are easier to handle anyway.

an eye doctor's lens machine clicks
China approaching. all catching
Bachinsky watching, watching zucchini

lipsynching mar-mat-wat-a-
tea- and mis-syn-
ching Females entrench in therapy, gossip,
fashion laun-lur-ching. Wǒ hěn bào qiàn ,
wǒ bú tài dǒng zhè gè cí de yì sī 。
I'm sorry, I don't understand this word.

worse for poorly couching such
as Kvetching Up on Things
which in turn triggers a small turbine
which invites guesswork from the reader

cinch in, will wins
over the machine! going up
no shaft pitch instead of
conversation, very much informed
by studies of Zen wǒ hái zài
xué xí zhōng wén 。 I am
still learning Chinese.

hoping for as much input as
peach incognito.

Number 7

"We laughed. The kind of laugh
one gives to a cigarette, it's slender form
like an orchid stem."

— Jude Goodwin, Sadness

neg number em dash not dash
0 before decim and hardly room
for acceleration in confines of dashes
in hyphenated-words-like-this

completed work afterwards admits
it was addictive

as she tightened her lisp
and established as adult notwithstanding "Trolls
don’t know they’re trolls; they
think they’re crusaders." does this advance the plot?
in the couple weeks added onto xmas day?

the glummed up body's taking care
of whatever sadness there is, leaving you
out of the loop, kindly, tidily, TIDly, TINDly,
you may call it whippoorwill,
Saddam Hussein, Belinda Schneider,
CBC radio's Adrian Harewood, Anil Dash,
Douglas Adams or Mahandas Gandhi
whichever ambassador of category...

crushed cigarette in coffee and know what's sadder?
totally drank it anyway. As De Sade says
sex, eating or drinking ought to be indulged in without
false modesty. and onions
add bouillon gradually.

yes, glasses adjusted
by devil's advocacy as laying on the horn
is advertising one's imperf cted.
the clock's ticking ambassador is halfspeed

For Peng-ean Khoo in March

"Master Bridgenorth," she said, "I blame no man's creed, while I believe and follow my own"
— Sir Walter Scott, Peveril of the Peak

your four squared identity, glenridge bride
is a partridge overriding Florida

your new fridge is ridiculing strident pride 
on the Frida-Coleridge corridor on a Friday which is on

an April 1st, (which year tba.) but something is agreed and
freed up in the rich ride of rawness with equal indifferent

comfort for sex, or bikes. that's sexual freedom
riddled with complexity at Rideau & Cobourg, water under

the bridge still drinkable. how lurid our ideals or ideas
and their errant (Stride) around the Children

Riding Bicycles in Midyat (2004 or 2005?) who are educated
in conscious tongue on equality, subconscious acts

stepping from shackle of muscles to balcony-black

a mouth kissed as coffee
inches towards
yawned favours

what a sharp tongue she has
     that stinging bee
puts the o no in hobnob
          what about the h?
that too, that too.

protesting the trouble
she imposes
she takes copious noes,

taxis open, create men
samely amazed

wetness between
heavy roofs of street
and streetlight

neither cave against
slate of rain,
the breaking
plates of hoots



Dewy 75

"my mother a collection of mason jars she puts nothing in" 
— rob mclennan

                                         Soupy air: when the dewpoint
approaches 75 degrees F   Her solitude would have an interval
of unknown shape sidewalk pecked away
year after decade          with that scientific faith in results
he'd come running      to the end of the sidewalk
decide whether a bride will spend $500
on her wedding henna         expect it to take 6 hours
it may coincide with fair        ride with Chorus Ecclesiae,
bips of truck backups , wake from riverside walk
the issue would coincide      with an equitable portrayal code 
which covers all the isms and dewy monsters

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