the poetry that matters

Nick Surges

Nick Surges is a student and writer from Ottawa, Ontario. His previous publishing credits include Carleton U's In/Words and WhatIf? Magazine. He is currently pursuing studies in musical theatre.


One seldom sings in English.
Verticality: vowels embellished upwards.
All sounds bear a semblance to words.
“L[ɔ]ve” (or was it “Lʌv”?)

Stretch until it fits.
The language of love
is silence.




Feet talk,
babbling to the pavement.
A thousand tongues worn down
and trained to speak in “going, going,
right of way:
my life is all-important.”

They cry their precedence,
loquacious and insistent,
pausing only long enough
to bicker with the traffic.




Love - all parabolics.





Sigh without body:
lines and lots are cast to sink



Mondrian Man

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