the poetry that matters

Nathan Ventura

Nathan Ventura lives in Boston, Massachusetts. His work has previously appeared on Haggard & Halloo.

Perpetual Ponies

Hunched over,

all corrugated

like cat spines,

with ivory pistons



and out of line;

our rawhide gears


like perpetual ponies

forever trotting

on lamely limbs;

what’s left of the gut oil

we watch burn

in this eternal

physical nightmare

that keeps our

jackhammer knees


and dismembers our toenails;

it’s a car compactor

of the conscience,

a moonshine maker

of the blood,

a masturbator

of the limp,

keeping our heaps

of bone and baggage


on bulbous joints,

so that in some

inconceivable moment

we may stumble upon

that final

mound of dirt.


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                                                                                                       February 19, 2012