the poetry that matters

Nathaniel S. Rounds

Nathaniel S. Rounds was born in Texas and makes his home in Nova Scotia.

His work has appeared in Scrivener, Arsenic Lobster, Melusine, and many other fine magazines.

Cautionary Tales and Sundry Ballads, a collection of poetry, is available from Fowlpox Press.

He has been short-listed for the Milton Acorn Poetry Award.

Dog-eat-Dog (Ocean Boulevard)

I upholstered your husband in pages from The Economist
and découpaged the retinas of his eyes
with Family Circle housewives holding multi-tiered cakes
of Jell-O
and ground his dog into sandwich loaf.
But you didn't flinch,
because you never do,
you never did,
and you like change.
That's why we're on this cargo boat,
your husband and I,
reflecting upon your austerity,
and eating his dog.


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                                                                                                                June 25, 2012