the poetry that matters

Nathaniel G. Moore

Nathaniel G. Moore is the author of Let's Pretend We Never Met (Pedlar, 2007) and  works in Toronto as an editor and journalist.




phosphorescent glint

exposure  e  removal
incident      radiation

gland         handstand

ban              forcefed

termite            trough

ate-a-helm          pest
straight to   strafe sex

roadside          garland

of welt                lands




curb               preserve

raise    phobic     trust

fund    minor  visibility

in     weather  acumen

add                  cumin

wipe sleaze foam eyes







meek deprivation

oxygen generates

its course
bell curve jar

poses preserved

in scholastic

research mar

wild odes make change

for tender windy slots
pins, ball-bearings

bend hems, angles


as wino finds Jesus
in a pamphlet


holds onto life preserver,

worn down thin as

         dinner mint


lovers breaking kayfabe

jealous tilt,

soil curtain call


wets its paint

too soon


chores chortled

weekly allowance


visitation writes

to porcelain porker


cracked, hijacked


recollection agents

seek hibernation 








user used

login lawed


tagging system

minted, dated


migration V-form




scant connectivity, hones us


lexical spy who’ll sniff at coasters

torment in tiny photographs


a pose: two wooden back scratchers

pry a mouth open.


carry e-cadaver of hope off

to public domain dungeon


“he” digs “her” translucent skin

translates infinite pink

as prep cook preps

electronics feast


on this tidal night

blind slaves of fear
circulates as ghosts

wetmarks glass page


cannot hold



blind prodding
cut & paste

fingerprints hone waist

enslaving fear


heaving judgment

derange engagement 

a user used:


get unmatrimonial

get left for a jpeg       







a crush is a chemical imbalance,

sustained because you are primarily

chemical, not emotional.   


only parts of the story were revealed,
dialogue, in its rough lexical prison,
publicized only parts of a bigger illusion


comes with fries
spam aggravates, rashes daily cognition

sharks bite through glass and paper cups
at the same speed.

“I fantasized about you whipping me with a belt this morning,
and pulling my soft brown hair.”


USER sat perky at computer in a vat of imported juices

legs pruning, mouth clasped, refusing mouth clasped straw,

vacuous holes for random points of entry:

typing speed bumps.


the sipping was compromised, slow,

mess e inconsistent.


e-studs reserves STD’s via e-male

millennium bug bites for vacancy


labour intensive pain without vaccine

consent of dentist, send SASE

gumball machine restocks

birth control pills


an indeterminable

    abdominal truth

scans a body, limb x limb

each pixel iz tickled


USER becomes aroused

receives new purpose

through brilliant monitor

amaze the minotaur


tug tag tarnish toggle

get the bandwidth

back together 





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