the poetry that matters

Natalie Meisner

Natalie Meisner is a poet and playwright from Lockeport, Nova Scotia.  Her plays have been produced by Gateway Theatre, Solo Collective, Nightwood Theatre, Lunchbox theatre and other professional companies across Canada.  Publications include her book, Growing Up Salty and Other Plays,  poems appearing in The Antigonish Review, Contemporary Verse, The Nashwaak Review,A Room of One's Own, Pottersfield Portfolio and other literary magazines.   She has won the Canadian National playwriting award, The Pottersfield Portfolio microfiction award, and been nominated for the Herman Voaden playwriting award.  Meisner has edited both Dandelion and Prism magazine, earned an MFA(Creative Writing) from the University of British Columbia and a Ph.D (English Literature) from the University of Calgary and is an Associate Professor of English at Mount Royal University in Calgary, AB.



Reports came in of a spoon
bent beyond this body
soft, a current
better than wine: redder
a gift, no. 
certain parts unboxable
bent how


When I come next time I’ll bring scotch.

the powers of the mind
alone occupy the flight of birds
poor false equipment falters
so they often they break their little bones, yes they do and
land in soft little heaps
No, no they don’t

this is an exchange of sorts a
wild tangled thing in the chest
an infection an infestation

A kiss snatched at the door                doesn’t count just as
lights up the grid
the eastern seaboard brown out
looks for another way until
you promise yourself to never             ever
do this again.

broken spaces in the broken e-nglish
things are allowed to bloom
here within certain reflexes of the body
innocence secrecy: we never really exit
the gift shop (childhood) at all

breath steaming the glass forever practicing
the first kiss on your mark
never daring to put the force into words                                            yes
we are all children in the bitter afternoon light,
having crossed certain lines,
reached for really too much
left heaps of clothes on the floor
and scared those who otherwise might
have remained. 


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                                                                                                                September 25, 2012