the poetry that matters

Misti Rainwater-Lites 

Misti Rainwater-Lites writes a lot of poetry and the occasional novel. She has three forthcoming chapbooks, two from Kendra Steiner Editions and one from Tainted Coffee Press. Misti's poems have appeared in Zygote in my Coffee, Lit Vision, St. Vitus Press, Poesy, Zen Baby, Central Avenue, Words Dance, remark, Yellow Mama, Cherry Bleeds, Nerve House and many others. For updates read Misti's blog at http://mistirainwaterlites.wordpress.com/

Cupidity Like Crickets

all over the place bursting water balloon

ambrosial angels telling the news with a lisp

charmed by the little things

fingers dance lips twitch eyes gleam

dreaming of ineffable coronation

kisses spilling

sugar sugar

fucked up royally

new spring

new co-conspirator in bliss

no mistakes like snakes coiled and hissing

no telling when this well

will run dry

milking it for all it's worth

keeping apocalypse at bay

with the usual grocery list

{panacea for the pantry}

roses whiter than God's panties

sex like clockwork

(regular, good, noisy)

tiny perfunctory reminders

notes left in lunchboxes and lingerie drawers

chocolates for the melting

honey for the flavoring

lies for the fattening




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