the poetry that matters

Michelle Couture

Michelle Couture is from Smooth Rock Falls, a small town in Northern Ontario. She now resides in Toronto after having lived in Ottawa for three years.

The Unexpected Shock

television airwaves down for the
                night are you so frightened of what’s
                being thrown
                                                in our faces our fates much
                                                too busy to start that winning
race gangland has risen under moonlit days & it’s
                far too early to see what’s wrong or right
I remember this field & the house spent
                imagining in it
                                                so close to the highway
                                                but I was always far enough to be in
my own mind memories shining under
                afternoon light & autumn would always
                come so fast
                                it’s really incredible how one season
can eat another without even thinking about who
                will miss it the most
no time for that because we all notice when it
snows in July & we can still remember it years
                                later & strangers don’t believe us

alienated on purpose because no one
                                understands I can also remember a
                                lake of sapphire, a paradise & an
eerie pantomime shore where
                                                diamonds danced for dazing
eyes mesmerizing children too young to get stuck
                                in adult complications because
                                trees always looked like giants
when you’re less than three feet tall

(& those are your immediate concerns)

& nevermind the things that don’t matter

Revive That Room In the Attic

it’s morning in this basement
                apartment afternoon maybe an insomniac’s
                dream because of windowless living room
                                walls where everything
is what it seems
this city screams of paradise

in disguise
                masterpieces disasters of the century
                                just a few blocks away a
                                                child cries
& madness swells in heat-waves tides
                                now tsunamis guiding change
                stained w/ the thought of happiness
optimistic ritualistic smiles denial has no place here
                                go back to those fields

of negativity trying to see past deep cavities
of monstrosity but I’m nervous just the same
                                because this is an ocean this is another
world no simplistic rules here everything
                seems to be made more complicated than it
actually is traffic lights echo
                                at all hours speed kings

running like stars caught in transitive flight
                                & giants never close their eyes

never chose their lives but there’s always time

to be free

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