the poetry that matters

Michael Woods

Michael Woods comes from a farm in southwestern Ontario. He operates a micropress, Battered Press, specializing in hand-crafted chapbooks. The World News Updates have been adapted into a book, World News Story, published by BookThug in early 2010.

From World News Updates

The agreement to pass the time exchanging words ended and when that time was over they resumed exchanging words about exchanging rockets and then they began to resume exchanging rockets themselves. Civilians in nearby cities remained their homes, becoming citizens without public places, and anonymous defense officials sent plans for retaliations.

As the country prepared for an election to choose a government to continue having exchanges of words about exchanges of rockets, both possible governments announced they would end the barrages, and to keep exchanging words about ending exchanges of rockets they were willing to exchange rockets and were careful with their words about exchanging words but not rockets because it was also important to not be weak. Each possible government accepted the demands of an election environment. The country

Meanwhile, anonymous defense officials readied an exchange of rockets and only the weather stopped major activity. The weather changed the sky and stopped them from sending things into it.

Before Christmas in Canada, the weather rendered billions worth of sophisticated aviation equipment useless.


Being part of America meant taking part in a dream, and since the dream was expensive, many looked for a solution that was right for them themselves. They knew they could be part of the dream if they bought a home to put it in, and Frannie and Freddie discovered they could house many dreams by asking for long periods of servitude, which many willingly exchanged. Each day, one would venture out and perform the duties needed to maintain their dream at home. It was a perfect system of exchange that sometimes even meant preparing dreams for others, even to other parts of the world. It was all based on shared visions and order.

Then servitude grew farther into the future than anyone could see and the dream of Frannie and Freddie grew too big to see and drama began to unfold towards mounting foreclosures. A deputy chief and former head of the monetary and economic department at the Bank for International Settlements in Switzerland, the central bank for central bankers, began rehearsing in the year two thousand three. He had warned for some time that dreams could not be so expendable and that the situation was reminiscent of Greek tragedy. Thus the Dionysian flesh tearing ritual of the Jurassic Park Avenue creations.


People are always looking for love and they look even harder for a mate when the times are tough economically, said a woman optimistic about her speed dating service. Yet beyond those longing for companionship, more settled souls settled into the evening in front of their television sets. Rather than the year’s end of nineteen twenty nine, when huge throngs of Montrealers reveled with joyous abandon in the face of seven years of darkness, the general mood recalled the restrained festivities of the previous year, when the King was gravely ill and a cloud of anxiety hung over the Empire.


Beijing’s national stadium, rendered by Swiss architects Herzog & de Meuron as a giant bird’s nest, was an experience in the ecstasy of the human mind so awesome as to make us temporarily forget China’s human rights record.


Two years after the election of Hamas in the Gaza Strip, western leaders unanimously declared the result a takeover and violation of the democratic rights of the people of the territories. Thus Israeli spokespersons identified that the elected government of the Gaza Strip was to blame for the civilian deaths because it operated among the people. Among the Arab nations, Hamas and Hezbollah did not operate like states or governments. They were known in name but were invisible among crowds.

Meanwhile in Canada, cuteness reigned supreme as an underdog beagle won the Westminster competition, a puppycam racked up thirteen million views and scientists showed that dogs feel empathy.

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