the poetry that matters

Michael Simon

Michael Simon is a Pittsburgh resident by way of Atlanta. He has a B.A. in English from the University of Pittsburgh, and was the Art Director for Collision, as well as a radio DJ, and actor. His poems have appeared in Backroads, Collision, Grixly, and Unicorn Mountain's The Black Forest. He currently resides in Gwangyang, South Korea, teaching English to middle school students.


Francis Bacon for Vogue, 1962

The eyeball returns to its socket, motioning the pressure out.
Flagellating beef sides melting honorifics into the bark of a dusklit maple tree.
Crowns of shivering teeth. A sunlight egress - bird queen - rising
as some anathema-masked disease over a reflecting pool
boucing frozen metallic skyward centipedes and small comely red crosses
back into existence around her. Charcoal cigarette pain doing a Charleston shimmy coil,
souring papier-mâché lungs, hammerstruck, and the crumbling irrelevance
of their newspaper breaths. Look in the mirror - inverted sleep - hermitude
like a dying shackle over every movable extremity.
The world moves on, but it's still dark. No way to celebrate
the day's barbarism and insistent mental pugilism - a fatigue, repetitious.
Babel, throated in typhoon lackadasia, shunning the peninsula its rain - un(be)combing
the hair of boyish men - lost in their appearance. Now, too old looking, no belief left
in them - ash and wilting sandwiches as dull baubles in a bezoar sweatbox apartment.
Redundancy - a reciprocal gift - in even the most private of thoughts.
A frail blue mist in the atmosphere. The beginning of some small laughter.
Smell the wind copulating with the sun. A choir of cicadas drown out their moaning.
Immediate birth of stillborn children, levitating in the mouths of the Earth.


Teetering vessel, precarious on leviathan crowns.
Tridents busy in sand, or a collapsing tree/archway,
red and dotted with numeral misc. Laughably irked,
the regalia of smoke, folding pagodas of air, triangle over
hand over fist - ozone box, never healed. A turnstile aqueduct
bifurcated, salient or slouching in dimensions of osmosis.
A thirst of hemlock, intercoilings through a visor, or empty
triplicate hexadecimal reimaginings, rooted endless revolutions.
Green chocolate; an approximation thereabout sinking it
quilt-born crescendos - bastardized and crestfallen -
willed to wilt lipping the desert's sugar towards foreign enamel.
Their lilliputian schisms garbed in megaphone synaesthesia,
a lotion of needles. Diversion from the hissing platonic units.
Torque of exhaustion, ancient and time-slowing. The motionless
exhibits an unnoticed gravity - a hair-laden Möbius of tape.
Transliteration of Spleen

Quarry lead kite based at lord's pace come and clavicle.
Surly spirit gems in sand and prone on long endings.
At kill dead horizons, embarrass, tout the circle.
It knows verses of young North, plus trash can noting.
Quarry the tear West, changing on a chance humor.
Out the experience, come puny, suave, sour.
Seen vacant bat antlers murder the sun ailing timid
at the cog's font. The teat of desperation pours
quarry. The plow, elegant since immense trains
dune vast prison of mites that burrow
in crown people, mute in flames arranged.
Vent tendrils of fields out from the North cervix.
Death clocks to a cool sentinel havoc fury.
At lancet verse, the ceiling an affair hurling cement.
Anise catches the spirit's errands. At saints' parties,
key the metal: an engendered opportunity
at the longest court. Saints tamper in music
defiling left men dance moon. Aim! Let's pray.
Thank you, please. At lotus atrocities despondent,
serf men crane the incline planted. Son draped near.

The Angles of Frau Buttry's Office and Classroom (A Futuristic Dialogue)

"Can you teach?" "What?" "This is my copy" ("of Mein Kampf.") "Her white teeth."
"A dust jacket tucks original Hitler in." "I'm getting cut open." "I'll be away." "She
said, 'You're the best one in my class." "Teach them.'" "This is my nephew." ("I
have no children of my own.") "He's in Iraq, smiling." "My boots are caked in snow."
"She's left, my office mate, the French woman." "I am in the corner office."
"I will be available until Thursday." "There's a letter in your inbox." "A final
project." "Call her Doctor" "a respectable societal gavel" "with corduroy pants"
"tucked in boots." "Make mention of the Accusative." "Teach them." “Truncated
ivy” (“league”) “A branch, maybe.” "A cage within a cage" "wrangle the language
masters." ("Johnstown is so far from everything. Who are they teaching?") "She
insane" "exorcised by her parents" "I was seven" "it's true." "The same outfit
everyday" "the songs and film" "subtitled" ("in white words - partly obscured")
"this makes it easier to understand." "Leni Riefenstahl and Charlie Chaplin"
"descending from Heaven ("individually") ("flailing") through the television"
"she laughs at propaganda" "and is silent."

"Three" ("slaves" "clapboard sketches" "students") "of us" "impossible escape" "facing her"
"smile at the center" "Gestalt" "confounding" "conquers common separation" "form."
"The chair is not" "the pieces" "the heart" "a saucer on a table" "German textbook"
"pressed maple leaves" "chocolate in a basket" "impossible polyhedron"
"network muscle" "kissing trodden ground." "Just one thing" "and then it's done."


Deuteronomy Randomed
brother's ox or his sheep
shalt not see brother's ass
or ox or woman
in like manner
go astray
go astray
go hide
lay not innocent blood
the blood
the blood shall be
forgiven them
among them
them a beautiful woman
she shall put
her money
hated falling garment
rebellious son
(go astray)
in thine house
make him merchandise
a double portion
the beginning of his strength
chastened strength
or the voice of his mother
hangs him
stubborn our son
all hear him
(go astray)

Huge Wan Mica Cinder Dens, Inc.
[to be read through a walkie-talkie, or with a bad cough]

Unending ice cream sandwich
in mean, Dengue Wii hands, "Cccr,
nice! China; Duende crams wing
dance, dicing ram hues, wince'n
sing and wind chime neu-era cc
demanding ennui's chica crew
weened-a (sic) dram (hic) cunning."
Dunce area: dig, hewn in. Cm's c-
cardigan swine. HD cum niece'n
hacienda men cruise ending w/ C
n'er dad's 'hng'. I, Wicca CE! I, numen,
damn engine din's chaw! Rue cic-
cch-ada, deem sin-eu's grinnin' WC
harms c.c. dead. Winning. Eunice
dings nude Iranian mech-ECW
when a sacrum'n Ni gene dic-dic
wad nine minced cigars. U, Chen-
chiang: ramen, wide'n dense, uni-cc-
c-cum, (ew) "Hide sinning dracaen-
-a!" Mini-undead eschewing CCR'n
a hundred cine-mics waning nice
Eden margins. ICU: wind chance.


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                                                                                                            September 26, 2012