the poetry that matters

Michael Nyarkoh

Michael Nyarkoh is currently studying Fashion at George Brown College. Michael operates a literary zine entitled, "Hobbes," named after Paul Hobbes, a character in John Clellon Holmes beat novel Go. In addition, he is the founder of a contemporary clothing line called, John Wolfe.









spiritually loving the cries of the feeling

that may only see


soul that loved the yells of his falling

that may only be






The Moon dreams
The complex multiple layered mist that covers the midnight air
Walking whimsically through the darken grounds
Shadows and white stained light peak and sing the bass of the Moon's song
Howling and chanting The Moon goes
in its falsetto
Chants of dust and darkness and danger danger danger around the corner
(sent by me)
The gleams of the Moon's aura create dance like steps and movements that harp like the young boys choir of the fallen creek that it sits above
Hums along during the darkest hour of the recital
Reaching the highest notes that touch the outer parts of the stars
Burning with vocal fire and bright chords
Ever burning to the gaze of the Moon
While it dreams and sleeps
Dreaming while the mist scopes the area during the last moments of the night
The chorus is strung and composed
Ghastly being sung by the surrounding counterparts of this vast Moon
While it dreams

The Moon & it's Slumber


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                                                                                                         April 26, 2012