the poetry that matters

Michael Lee Aaron Chernoff

Michael Lee Aaron Chernoff is from Toronto. He is an alumnus of the University of Toronto and his work has been featured in Acta Victoriana, The Acrobat, and The Hart House Review.


Nativity Owed


This is the morn, becoming’s night debased –

a daze of flurried foot-stops cease to mutter lace.


The dawn’s hand traces lines upon a face,

shuteyes glowing red thus[1] struck with sulking haste.





[1]           No, no: We will not re-joice.

Creasing mirth in fingerlings,

                        cradle-like and


Imbecilic synonyms

            over-hinge umbilici.

Waves recall a             gruel

-ing mouth,

yr stuttered stoop tends,




Philomela: Professor Emeritus at Black Mountain


In lieu of sisterhood – tall stones

cask the bilirubin’d sky.


o o: was infinity; a dis con echt

duly noted, then critiqued


as laughing proximities weave

censures like hair.


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                                                                                                                       May 29, 2013