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Michael D. Grover

Michael D. Grover is a Florida born poet. He was elected President of The Beards in a disputed election in Connecticut. He currently lives in Toledo, Ohio. His poetry has been published all over the literary underground in places like Cause & Effect, Citizen 32, Alphabeat Soup, The San Gabriel Poetry Quarterly, Mad Poets Review, Philadelphia Poets and the anthologies One Drop: To Be The Color Black, West Memphis Witchhunt, and My Time: The Lunch Break Book and online including www.saintvituspress.com, www.outsiderwriters.org, www.getunderground.com, www.dyingwriters.com, DecomP Literary Magazine, Zygote In My Coffee, Redfez.net, Whirlygig Zine, and Beat The Dust. Michael currently is a resident artist at the Collingwood Art Center in Toledo where he hosts the weekly reading with John Dorsey. He hosts and co-edits CP Journal, and runs the Covert Press. His newest chapbook is titled "The Cleveland Sutra".

Walking Backward

If she walks backward
She might just end up here.
But who wants re-runs,
They're so predictable.
I walk away with pen and pad,
I'm off to the next fantacy.
To the next rush of adrenalin.
But why does it all feel so empty?
                         so torn away?
This isn't the way
The advertisement said it would be.
Left my complaint with the director of marketing.
I'm sure he won't be getting back to me.
I'm sure there is no refund.
Looks like I bought it,
This american death dream.
But I don't own it.
I don't own anything.

I used to be one of those deep Poets.
Always ready with the clever word play.
The chicks would flock to me.
These days I'm lonely.
These days I find myself unlearning.
Poems becoming
Simple and stripped down.
This is the way it was meant to be.
Simple language,
Poems for all.

If I walk backward
I might just end up
In my childhood again.
It would be a nice visit,
But who wants to stay there?

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