the poetry that matters

Megan N. R. Wildhood

Megan N. R. Wildhood lives and writes in Seattle, Washington.  Her work has appeared in Vineyards: A Journal of Christian Poetry, Ballard Street Poetry Journal, and the "Readers Write" section of The Sun.  She has won The Nature of Words' annual Rising Star writing competition for short nonfiction, nature essay and poetry.


The Little Book of Longing

after Leonard Cohen


It was a mourning of leaves over fresh frost…


             they roses in the filed

unhooked their clothes from the drying line

and shook them out; praysed to God



slight insurgency

in choiring angels


       they doves for some rock-solid

heart touching, beated thorough their dough

ground corn



no directional

yet emergence sees


       they throes to the field and the sky

it looks like a toss-together scraps of tin

perhaps with the hopes of letting light in



is to humilify

might dis-pair


       they nos about big animals

merge finely whittled vessels with the harbor

set up sail, church all their passions, ream


a shotflair


the wreck to fie


        they broken among the field

plot down, dig down for clay to their walls

fall off in pieces daily now, scatter see-d




in tents feet


        they raysed fists to their sky

upturned bottomless bowl pressing in

like what overs them in their undergo


mostly must

reep eat

dark when


        they storms through their valley

hold hope up to the holy

for approval, fill, set out buckets


high sent

a parent

in power, ring


       they dasyed their home

stubborn web in a fitful land

left rest, out the back


more fling

more being

stub, burn meant


      they rises in mountains, like mountains

to meet their chosen ground

looking losts, getting found


in their morning of leaves under fresh frost.



Roses are little girls

in a dance field

white on the moon.


In the days warm

like fight the roses

held hands tight


for cheer and stability.

Cheer is a hillside of houses

tight stability housing hillsides


and the moon a little rose

field dancing

in the night.



                                                                                                       January 12, 2014