the poetry that matters

Mbizo Chirasha

Mbizo Chirasha is an internationally acclaimed performance poet, writer, and creative projects consultant. He is widely published in more than thirty-five journals, magazines, and anthologies around the world. He was the poet-in-residence: from 2001-2004 for the Iranian embassy/UN dialogue among civilizations project; the United Nations Information Center - 2001-2008; Convener/Event Consultant THIS IS AFRICA POETRY NIGHT 2004 - 2006; official performance poet Zimbabwe International Travel Expo in 2007; the international conference of African culture and development/ ICACD 2009; and official Poet Sadc Poetry Festival, NAMIBIA 2009. A delegate to the Unesco photo novel writing project in Tanzania, Mbizo is the Official poet in residence for the ISOLA/ international conference of oral literature 2010 in Kenya.

matters of conscience

gulf of inspiration
oils the spin weave of my mind

rhythm and imagery my constitution
meditation my second bible after proverbs

iam apostoled by heart pounding drumbeat ritual of metaphors
pandamu! pangu ! panda ! pako !panda ! pandamu! pa!
sanctified by breath choking incense of satire

[wordsmith chiseling thesarus rocks for jargon,
poet planting saliva in wombs of readers digest to reap diction]

political suspense
nutrition to my poetic conscience

social drama
fodder to my mental digestion

rabies that poisoned the tongue of Pakistan
and diseased the saliva of afghans tan

paralyzing penury burnt fingers of matopos
and inflation butchered thighs of Zambezi

scabies eating away bare brown ,winter ravaged buttocks of darfur
shrinking hunger  sucked mango like breasts of tutsiville

measles blighting arteries of Vatican
bleeding yellow gums of mecca
and shriveling hoarse breath of Jerusalem

Slum Dogs and Propaganda  Jackals

patriots stinking propaganda leprosy
corruption  exploding bellies of economic Tsars
political vultures snaking on  media propaganda of the
demise of the prince of Pozarevac,
Milosevic  planting suicide  grenades in fields of ruin
bullets sprinkling  blood in burning villages
leaving traces of wounded memories in  Haditha
shanty towns bathing in water canons and breathing  stinging teargas

refugees carrying burden of sorry  memories
their children born out of double revolutions
revolutions  of blood graffiti and propaganda literati

where is bongo  and others
children eating bitter fruits of times
serpents  celebrating rhythms of slave trade
blood rivers flooding funeral  slums of Lima
youngsters taught to salute dead comrades with  famine
riddled slogans

war pounding the doors of  Darfurians
widows intoxicated by doctrines of martyrdom
bring  Raisa,Christina and Evita to exorcise demons of political pimping
bring  Shakespeare and Chekhov to eulogize dead victims and heroes
of  columbine massacre
victims of propaganda ideology and blood  theology
heroes of freedom discord

our times are  wounded by nosema and shigella
in prostitutes slums and corruption  streets
bring Nefertiti the princess of pyramids not rolling  slogans of Osama
i see Musharraf reading toxic poetry to Sharif
good  morning Vietnam, good morning Guantanamo , good morning Pakistan


I deepen the tongue of my ink
in the rich pot of praise and protest
blisters of praise, scars of patriotism
the war i fought without guns
my laughters stitched with worry and fondness
smiles of east laden with grief
my country
my heartburn for freedom is burning me
roastednuts of justice bleed no peanut
remind me that windchoked tune of mountains
,i will sing with you
i have a dream to ride this mountain on its back
and drink  in the ritual of the mist
my country

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