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Max Geraldi

Max Geraldi is a poet living in Papua, Indonesia. Max has created a blog for a community of poets, writers and artists who attended Indonesia's first Rainbow Gathering which Max organised himself. You can visit the blog here:

a bio of light

trawling through a cave / of hate stalactites / and wrath stalagmites / maggots decay the love calcium / he shouts / echoes / ricochet through space / like mad bullets / of a mad man / air curls thin / moonlight loses its magic / life / so ephemeral / chauvet cave painting / smoulders the garlic thin skin of reality / eerily crawls up the nerve / putting electrodes / of doubts / he gambols / the epiphany explodes / crayons his senses / he drinks the left over dripping essence / of the love calcium / lush / opulent / extravagant / like a prima donna he waltzes / to the end of the cave / dodging penumbras / avoiding silhouettes / towards the light / through a labyrinth of shadow / harnessing romance / with each dance / to the light / the sweet warming dulcet light /


when i drink vietnamese coffee, i catch nightmares

opal eyes
hurl into a spiral
                                      endless vertigo
a splash of tsunami
wakes you from your bright sleep
                                      animals scream
                                      people scram
a wall of water
locks the future away
its swirl
                                                                                                      is amber
hurricane like a mad motor
                                      trees in the air
                                      stars under the land
your eyes rupture
caffeine knocks
like a bullet pinball in a metal room
the echo
splits your soul
your primal fears
the beast within
an internal clandestine cul-de-sac
release it


jesus’s pouch

elegant orange satin
made of the finest camel skin
woven by the blind women of Galilee
a bottle opener
a DIY miracle for dummies
cards with two aces of spades
a pair of papyrus sandals
a map of the old world
and two rolls of strawberry scented joints

and so history begins

so history begins

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                                                                                                                     April 30, 2012