the poetry that matters

Matthew Laffrade

Matthew Laffrade currently lives in Milton, Ontario. He has been published in CX Magazine, Urbanology, and his poems have recently appeared on The Strange Things blog. He is the recipient of the University of Toronto's 2006 Harold Sonny Ladoo Book Prize for his novella "Past Present"

Carted Off For Vain Glory


Wrinkled men in need of an iron

are guardsmen of a thousand babes.

Fresh stepped and dimpled

in their morning garb

flash to present.

The cavalry is coming.


Where they lay is obtuse.

Irons angled through wear.

Smiths shear old shackles

off dead cupids

love-locked in glory

for all to admire.


When will they rise?

Carted off for vain glory

Contested through mass

hysteria and other trimmings

they lament in shadows unseen.

Where will they go?

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                                                                                                          June 23, 2012