the poetry that matters

Mark Young

Mark Young has been publishing poetry for nearly fifty-five years. His work has been widely anthologized, & his essays & poetry translated into a number of languages. He is the author of more than twenty books, primarily poetry but also including speculative fiction & art history. His most recent books are Genji Monogatari (Otoliths, 2010), some of whose poems first appeared in ditch,; some Geographies (Argotist eBooks, 2010); At Trotsky's Funeral (Kilmog Press, 2010); & Geographies (Dysphasia Press, 2011).

He lives on the Tropic of Capricorn in Australia.


geographies: Chaopraya River


A few bold keystrokes 
accidentally trip a security
alarm in the otherwise 

small, quaint, tidy uni-
verse, changing the side-
men into ferocious tigers.

Prophetic literature is
laying down a perfect
Sunday boogie session.







The Fourth D-bate


                             Signed any legal documents in the 
                                         last few years? Written in a notebook 
                     or on a post-it note? Made another 
                                  metal bird feeder by cutting out 
                             both ends of a coffee tin? Become 
                                                  a Guinea Pig? The hoping-to-be-

                                         President's focus on restricting

                                   freedom has brought about the re-

                                          formation of The Confederate Army
                         of West Tennessee to help him
                                               communicate his message clearly 
                                 to the targeted audience that you 
                    are part of. Join now, learn how to 
                                       be a successful stay at home mom.



geographies: Saint-Jean-Sur-Richelieu


Dogs, raw food, meat 
grinders, noise.
ethanol plant in the 
back yard. The local
xmas music webradio 
station has a light-
weight content delivery 
format & a consistent 
navigation paradigm 
which takes it into 
smoggy industrial 
parks & cookie cutter 
chain hotels. The 
barrel heats up real 
fast. Shopping for
shoes is not on the
agenda at this point.








An autonomous region within China


                                     I was on the elliptical

                                            machine—a beautiful

                                device—working out. The

                                        palate is clean with

                                     a toasty finish. Up

                                    close, aphids resemble

                                              little muscle cars with

                                          a pair of tailpipes. Some-

                                               times it's hard to tell

                               without having to run to

                                        the network room. Much

                                  more effective to soften

                                                water in order to

                                          keep delicate species

                                                      of tropical fish than

                                         to use a structured, cognitive

                                              behavioral program. The

                                     era of the over-documented

                                          wedding comes with

                                                       fiery dancehall vibes.





A line from Leonard Cohen


Big trucks drive

under bridges quick

as dogs. For mobile

canteens the new


trend is selling not

food but premium, all

natural, holistic leather

shorts which can


toughen up even a

floral shirt. If that

doesn't make you want

to recycle, nothing will. 








geographies: The Great Barrier Reef


The costume theme 
is sexy by nature—
that's why Stravinsky's 
Petrushka is usually 
popular with children 
& why denim has al-
ways been a wardrobe 
staple. Likewise. A 
simple sweet dessert of
sauteed apple & prunes 
is why sea-anemones 
retain eternal youth.





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                                                                                                           November 28, 2012