the poetry that matters

Lynn McClory

Lynn McClory lives in Toronto. She has had poems published in BafterC poetry magazine, Ars Medica, industrial sabatoge, the Quarry Press anthology, Garden V ariety, online with blissfultimes.ca, and writes poetics for the Influency online magazine. She is a member of the influencysalon.ca editorial group.


pleated in a gutter tile
rain showers rim
top down - paper file
& cardboard
Skt. abhra / caw dab
hra sucks 3 x’s 6
clouds foam reddish
sky skirt folds / silence
fans out / twirrrl


That when how this

If ever there a time it.
Before that insufficient utterance.
When a reconstructed hollow.
Ask and you necessarily.
One way or the other
hollow or slant thin.

The other later denied he hid
between his rounded shoulders.
Why that then.
Revise that to this —
said to expand hollowed out thin
slant plunge to sufficient utterance -
smooth awkward edge ahead.
There, how when this


loneliness villanelle
one illness senses signs
nest once no one notices
none note sent lines nonetheless

one lone cot sigh
entices ten cents
one illness senses signs
one notes nightlight
tense set lent
none note sent lines nonethless

silence on sill tone
not one nil
one illness senses signs

hindsight cite it
sighting senses height
none note sent lines nonetheless

twice tight more or less
two lines sing
one illness senses signs
none note sent lines nonetheless


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                                                                                                      March 28, 2012