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Luminita Suse

Luminita Suse is a resident of Ottawa, Ontario, since 1995 and a member of the OIW - Ottawa Independent Writers, Valley Writers’ Guild, TOPS - The Ontario Poetry Society.


Her poetry has been published in Bywords Quarterly Journal, and in several anthologies from Ascent Aspirations, The Ontario Poetry Society and the Canadian Authors Association.

collateral meanings. falling in glove






     g lo

      v e


     led limbs

  eyes cradle eyes

distance under siege

tensioned breath in and

out stretch finger osculation

on  fretful skin   air  cons  trict

ion    bet    ween   fore    heads 

orp   han   nud     ities     merge

 in      ma       cu    late         con

          ce          pt        i            o








rara avis in aeris. lovectomy


40 days passed since

the sublimation of the bird

requiem not required

it hasn't really died


birds do not drown in blue

when fish want

nor do they get deplumed and love

when prophets assume


it was a difficult metamorphosis

feathers plucked off skin

and blue tumor erased in


from nipples down Milky Way

bird detached from woman






collateral meanings. debris at first sight. poem at last


Does poetry open or close doors?

- “Sunset debris” by Ron Silliman



sunset debris lined up in seminal questions

if all answers were known a priori

life would be a book of the dread

that of which we should                not think      

nor expect

                  to get resolutions


poetry only queries


                                              will set you free


eyes rummage through interrogative lines

doors open       by slamming        eyes shut

doors       shove      doors       yield     doors

to the illegible pollution of unknowns


sometimes answers are subterfuges

                                               for challenged f

                           ears dive into the winter

                 of our verbose discontent


any question mark

imprints accidental mean

ings onto retina






collateral meanings. apocalypto in vitro


kentucky blue grass grows over

chlorine oceans/ the event horizon

is unperceivable/ from time to

time/ only fish penetrates the

discolored canvass/ unravel

ing ship after s



at starboard/ rain pours cube

meters of gods/ more than

Greek pantheon/ hungry

sweating drunk un/ re/

cognizable despera



too late/ have you buried your

woman & children/ in wells

no one/ would’ve expected

conquistador/ gods on

Ariadne’s liquid th







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