the poetry that matters

Luke Tenhage

Luke Tenhage is from Hamilton, Ontario.

Adventures In the Art of Royal Balls

What there once was is still falling through air that is not quite empty

The air of you can’t stop buildings from crashing down on villagers already in their coffins

Preaching platitudes on stage saliva burns the roof of my mouth and I am not quite sure

If it’s mine but what is anyway ancient rock sitting on your mantle tells all of what

You could’ve done in upcoming situations swirl your drink swallow the philanderer who philosophizes likes to

Stroke your eyes with his appearance your ears with his voice leave here with him clutch his arm

Leave me in solitude I can get down all by myself with the help of Mr. Davis

Can’t I? Let my lips do the talking my mind staged a coup so say hello to the red romantic

I have never been mine but at least I’m yours now left hand say hello to right hand

Hey, right hand give the record on top a spin it’s a party.

We’ll be getting down, ain’t that right, Mr. Brown?




Darkness Man

Home city at night shout empty clichés grip your desires take them by the reigns do

Back flips have sex escape trouble just in time reminisce of a murder in a rainy alley

Brood brood brood anger flames accidental kill oh so long ago

Twenty years now get over it get it over with never be normal so you dress up in tights the

Bat through the window thing was probably just a hoax ha I caught you

You just wanted a reason think on what could have been never sleep deep depression


Villain gets away


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                                                                                                                              May 16, 2011