the poetry that matters

Lesley LeRoux

Lesley LeRoux was born in Newfoundland but spent most of her life in Ottawa, Ontario. She has previously won awards in short fiction and essay-writing from Carleton University, where she studies journalism, and was a student of the Literary Arts program at Canterbury High School. Her work has also been published in Canadian Geographic and The Telegram newspaper in St. John’s.


On the stand


I ask for your carefulness. Pick words silently, sweep your hair back. Back turned, your lily hair –
the side you turn away from the world.

Believe what they tell you


Ronnie, not Christopher

Walken. What you know now is different, images

of this – age seven, mulling book titles, never made it past the first

pages and apostrophes held, your bare chest. Cheshire in the tree, smiling

that way. Come away from the car door.

Lips on lips,

let hands hold you, the movies

McAdams laid down, bare calves on a sopping street.




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                                                                                                          March 20, 2013