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Leigh Herrick

Leigh Herrick is a poet, writer and collaborator whose poems, essays, music, and reviews have appeared in a variety of print and electronic journals, including, most recently, Jacket, The Jivin’ Ladybug, Unlikely Stories and OMEGA 7 (Howling Dog Publications).  Her spoken word CDs Just War (2004) and Monocle Man (2009) are available through CD Baby, and a collection of her poetry is slated to be published by Howling Dog Press in 2010.  She lives in Saint Paul, Minnesota.

at this juncture . . . 
                                        , Station


a ribbon a snippet a furl of hope a tireless thread treading spindled existence into press into pressure pressurIzed seam-fitted sure-footed confabulation of incubi officiating aficionado advocacy for the word: Against  :  curling oratorical mouth to hollow speech oracular ultimatum thematic indenture finale of opening : Opposed


A / position apposition


Clarity: Give Your Statement: This is it


a marginalized-into-shimmying dissipation and want-not attitude dredged to the landfill of adages summarily surmised to this moment of sunrise dump-thinking’s vestige for the bin-hour lauded over to unaccounted-for sums of drone-driven time sent to the recycling arena of screen pixilation subliminalization of being become having been in the ineffably quaffable sentence of the anti-affable affricative -tch -tch –dge dge displacement creation endocommensal union of the inaffable sound e e  e e edge edge edge edge landing comatose deactivated impulse-control and Talk of the Nation says this is it for violent-videoed kids :  aggression centers activated the bin & well of little minds jelled to here and there of screened existence chain of commandment oh my escalader!    





playing  train/communion/stations

playing  launch/word/identity

playing  divisive/hemispheric/absolutism

a game of  scissors/paper/rock

a game of : Opposition

nonresistant to numina


to this altar my pyrrhic moon to which I answer

countering the Against

    fomenting for the cauldron of coagulating Hinge[1]

a stone cosmology

mysterious flint     

                    this ember of tongue tipped away from arrowed alphabet                         ever-surfacing                       



Spawn       Obsequious       Ob/[ce]Sess[a]ion       Clinical       Trial       Term

P – O – E – T – R – Y

O tenuous Spindle—


Ameliorating tenured amortization

isolating isotropical CO - igneous convers[at]ion  

contemporaneous  nostril  inhalation X and Y

-wielded enharmonic discord    coOrdination

Battle-readied       Man-Stationed

Targeted       Trajectory

P  l  e  x  u  s  e  d


spread like fever





in the unutterable accident of Pleistocene drop dripping dreaded degradation of non


requiring Grid and Locked and citatory NOT-ation become in-can’tatory spell

to which is brought           this sound: [                                     ]

and the following emptied clause

                                                                                                                which is why


I really must get on


with writing





[1]Heller Levinson and Michael Annis Hinge Theory

Variation on a Theme of Sappho


With Your throat : love
 lyric intent bending men for centuries

And what you said it isn’t—
still is not : not war not horses not men not ships

not even

this moment

a feverish pecking at Contemplation’s threshold   

the hour fallen from its faultless rock that isn’t this wall of refuge voicing iconic anonymous marks stretched across the void called   

that is


not vibrational hatred
not bomb

not a drop-
ing-ing itself in afterward aplomb

all overtures

atonement overdue

apocalyptic poetic lack

and missed propositions yet to come—


is it

with simplicity… ,

the lover’s thumb






with realm … ,  plankton

amniotic phylogeny ontogenic tick of chlorophylled days


wings to heliotropical ph[r]ase

a Fallen-down daze
a bubbled dioxide d[r]ead-rendering  skywarded tripping away from earth to godhead to clicked erasure deleted to hand’s thunderous pause :  “with plausibility…”

, protraction

a head for its time
a head over heels
a head in the clouds
a head in its hands  
a head gone
                     to one’s head
a head gone
                     off one’s head
a head driven
                     to getting [a]head

or: heading: as in text above
                        as in lead
                        as in going somewhere as in
which direction

the front of the group
heads up
chief control

as in current spell cast

human organization

3.  with pressure . . . ,

                                        new heading

Will all of this finally come to a head   

as: part of drum / top of valley / promontory / source of river / top of plant / countable people / countable animals / center of intellect / highest part / state of mind / section in speech / as in a heading
4. Crisis Point

A song for manifestation : woman’s body a land that can be turned to—earth acc[h]orded feminine sound  :  re-turning :  Mother  :  Home  :  Ancient  :  Utterances :        
                                                                                                                                                                                       this Shift

marking time

re – verb – eration making yellow iris-ed I  making bee-savior fruit-suckled faceless avenue called gender of night called ligament-moon this sinew of song longed for its
lyric regeneration capacitated air assertion in fugued hour this departure breath this cell compelled in variance and the constants of:


relied upon

before the scrawl of centuries
before this minutia of universe in twittered sunrise
whose fingers know the many wounds—

For it is not that army not those horses those ships or men—

but root of fixed regard

These lyric illusions a ruin in declamation  

Axiom leading to loss of


if it is

it is this ear awakened to mid-night’s calling
whose baboon tongue
whose gorilla groin
whose orangutan nipple
whose chimpanzee thumb

would write for the bonobo cousin

a transcription of healed time


     Not only what you love, not just that.

But also, what you believe…


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